Julbo Eyewear Introduces Innovative New Falcon Photochromatic NXTr Lens for Travel and Everyday Use

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WILLISTON, VT - Julbo, a true eyewear pioneer for more than 120 years, introduces the Falcon photochromatic NXTr lens suitable for travel and everyday use. Exclusive to Julbo in the U.S., the incredibly versatile Falcon lens is sensitive to visible light, not UV, so it actually darkens behind the windshield of your car. The Falcon lens will debut on Julbo's Zulu, Spirit and Fusion models for Spring 2010.

Continually pushing the envelope in lens technology and innovation, Julbo introduces the new Falcon lens in its lifestyle models for everyday use around town. "The Falcon lens signifies a major step forward in photochromatic lens development," said Nick Yardley, CEO of Julbo, Inc. "The Falcon lens reacts only to the visible light-not UV light-passing through the lens, and making it incredibly versatile for everyday use. The most obvious benefit is that the Falcon is the ultimate driving lens because it's unaffected by the windshield which is not the case with UV-activated photochromatic lenses," Yardley explains.

The photochromatic Falcon lens also is polarizing to eliminate glare from all reflective surfaces to provide clear vision at all times regardless of the light or weather. The anti-reflective coating reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare. The oil-repellent coating prevents finger or grease marks and makes cleaning the lens easier.

The Falcon lens is photochromatic from Category 2-3 and has an amber tint, which emphasizes contrasts and enhances colors.

Julbo's Falcon lens technology is made from NXT?, which was developed for the U.S. Army in the 1990s. NXT is unbreakable, incredibly light, offers better transparency and is optically superior to other lens materials, especially when compared to polycarbonate. NXT is solvent resistant and is very high in definition compared to any polycarbonate lens, as well as, being caste into glass molds to ensure lower internal stress. Unlike polycarbonate lenses, NXT actually features the photochromic dye inside the material through laser technology. NXT is found in Julbo's most technical, photochromatic lenses including the Zebra, Camel, Octopus and Falcon.

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