Seventh Generation Co-Founder & Former CEO to Collaborate With KSV to Provide Strategic Consultative Services

Burlington, VT – KSV has launched a strategic alliance with Jeffrey Hollender Partners, a consulting firm that provides expertise on a variety of corporate responsibility and sustainability topics, to help brands plan and manage their own corporate responsibility efforts.

“Today’s customers care as much about how products are made as they do about the products themselves,” Hollender said.  “Meaning your reputation and your bottom line are joined at the hip, for better or worse.”

Hollender has helped multinational companies like Nike, Walmart, and SC Johnson develop corporate responsibility and branding strategies. He is an author (most famously of “The Responsibility Revolution”) and leading practitioner of responsible business strategies. His experience makes this collaboration highly valuable and results-driven.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Jeffrey on the CSR front,” said Dianne Hanlon-Druyff, Director of Client Services at KSV. “It’s an exciting time for values-driven transformation in the business world. With the combined experience and expertise of Jeffrey Hollender Partners and KSV, we can guarantee effective, cutting-edge branding strategies for our clients. This partnership will continue to help define and raise the bar for responsible business.”

KSV has worked with responsible brands including Seventh Generation, King Arthur Flour, and Efficiency Vermont. KSV formed the strategic alliance to further expand its tool kit to help brands on a path to responsibility.

Together Jeffrey Hollender Partners and KSV will offer:
  • Responsible Business Strategy Development
  • Sustainable Strategic Partnerships
  • Values-Based Marketing Solutions
Jeffrey Hollender and KSV’s approach ensures that measurable long-term value is created as a fundamental result of corporate responsibility.

To learn more, please contact Dianne Hanlon-Druyff at Dhanlon-druyff@ksvc.com or 802.862.8261.

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