Construction update on the Togwotee Trail


The Togwotee Trail
The Togwotee Trail
  • The Togwotee Trail
    The Togwotee Trail
    The Togwotee Trail
    The Togwotee Trail

Construction Update  

In the Dubois/Brooks Lake area, tune your radio to 1610
 for construction updates and information about
the Togwotee  Trail.

  • Construction continues on the
         Rosie’s Ridge section of U.S. 26/287 between Dubois and Moran Junction,
         the Togwotee Trail to Yellowstone.
  • Travelers should expect 15
         minute stop delays during daylight hours.
  • Flagging stations will be
         posted within the five-mile area between milepost 8.5, west of the
         Blackrock Bridge, and milepost 13, by the Turpin Meadows road
  • The construction zone is
         located 8.5 miles east of Moran Junction, and 43 miles west of Dubois.


Trackhoe with jackhammer attachment continues work on the removal of the old Blackrock Bridge. 

As removal of the old Blackrock Bridge nears completion, parts
of the substructure that haven’t been seen for well over 50 years are now
in full view. 

The bridge had supported traffic like Ford Thunderbirds
with wrap-around windshields, Chevy Bel Airs, Studebakers, Packards, and
probably even some Henry J motorcars. It's hard to imagine all the
families that traveled over it to the national parks during its

The old bridge has done its job very well, and compliments
to the workers who built it.


Turpin Meadows road turnoff

Located below the highway at milepost 13, there is a pipe
that carries away water runoff.  It is beyond maintenance,
and has become the first project for 2012.

Replacement was not cost effective, and would require disturbing
the existing foundation of the highway.  The alternative
was to slipline the pipe. 

Sliplining involves taking new pipe that is smaller in diameter than
the existing one, and inserting it through the old pipe.  The space
between the two is then grouted together, forming a water tight

This uses the foundation of the old, and the strength of the new pipe with
little disturbance to the surrounding area.
Thank you for your support.


An important safety message:

Motorists are reminded to pay heed to the flaggers at all times.  Flaggers
are in place to ensure that motorists are able to drive through the area safely.

Stay with the pilot car lines; do not pull out of line or pass. Heavy construction
is taking place, with large pieces of equipment and trucks working and driving through the area. They need to know that all traffic is behind the pilot car.


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Thank you for your interest in the Togwotee Trail. 

Please email your questions and comments to me here:

Judy Strausberger

Togwotee Trail Public Involvement Specialist

Wyoming Department of Transportation