Mercantile Capital Corporation Provides Commercial Real Estate Loan in Saco, Maine Worth over $2.9 Million

ORLANDO, Fla.  – Mercantile Capital Corporation, which ranks as one of the nation’s leading providers of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans for small business owners who want to acquire or develop their own facilities, closed a commercial loan for XL Soccer World Saco, LLC recently for $2,930,000 in total project costs.

Chris Hurn, chief executive officer at Mercantile Capital Corporation, said XL Soccer World is comprised of a number of different indoor soccer facilities, all of which are owned by Ciaran McArdle and Kris Lamb. 

XL Soccer World has facilities in North Carolina, Orlando, and its newest location will be in Saco, Maine.  Mercantile also provided financing for the Orlando facility.

“Once again, it was a pleasure to work with Mercantile Capital Corp., and they saw this through right to the finish line in their usual professional and upbeat manner,” said co-owner, Ciaran McArdle.  “This deal is important to Central Florida, as we will now be using our Orlando facility as a training hub not only for Maine, but for all our further facilities as we continue our expansion.” 

The SmartChoice Commercial Loan Program helps owners of small to mid-sized businesses, like XL Soccer World Saco, have an opportunity to create wealth and financial freedom.  Mercantile Capital Corp.’s  specialization in SBA 504 loans, allows borrowers, like McArdle and Lamb, to own their commercial property with the highest cash-on-cash return financing available, without tying up their precious capital, so they can grow even faster, Hurn said.

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