Ryland Homes Sets New Benchmark for Sustainable Home Building: Tankless Hot Water Heaters Now Standard

ATLANTA, Ga. --- Ryland Homes in the Atlanta division is setting a benchmark for sustainable new construction energy efficient natural gas tankless water heaters.

Bill Carter, vice president of sales and marketing at Ryland Homes in the Atlanta division, said Ryland is equipping all new homes in Atlanta neighborhoods where natural gas is available with the energy-efficient Rinnai® tankless hot water heaters.

“Next to air conditioning and heating, traditional hot water heaters represent the single largest energy cost in a home,” Carter said. “A traditional tank water heater uses energy all day long to keep water hot, whether hot water is needed or not. That’s a total waste of energy resources,” Carter added.

“Rinnai’s Tankless Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters substantially reduce the amount of energy a home requires and provides an endless flow of hot water.” Carter explained.

Carter said Ryland Homes may be the first national home builder in Atlanta to announce it will provide tankless water heaters as standard. 

“The installation of standard Rinnai® Tankless Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters helps bring Atlanta homebuilding into the 21st Century and Ryland is proud to lead the way,” Carter said.

Carter said tankless water heaters are just one of 15 features included in Ryland’s HouseWorks® program designed to preserve the environment, conserve energy and provide more comfort. 

“It’s abundantly clear that home buyers are demanding ways to reduce energy costs and home builders are searching for ways to make new homes more sustainable,” Carter said. “I think Ryland’s HouseWorks® program puts us in the forefront of that movement and we’re all very proud of it,” he said.

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