Aneurisma and varizes should be treated at the earliest

Aneurisma and varizes may be simpler than some of the other more complicated diseases but you will ignore them at your own peril. Aneurysm i

Aneurisma and varizes may be simpler than some of the other more complicated diseases but you will ignore them at your own peril. Aneurysm is definitely more dangerous than varicose veins because it can be fatal. There are some very efficient modes of treatment for both these conditions and you should consult your physician immediately after you see or feel the symptoms.

Aneurisma happens due to the enlargement of a section of an artery. Sometimes there are formations of blood filled bulges in the arteries and this causes aneurysm. Since arteries are the main veins that connect the heart to the other organs of the body, blood flow is severely hampered due to aneurysm. And in the worst case scenario there may be a rupture in the artery that may cause severe hemorrhage and death. The aorta is known to be most often affected by aneurysm. The abdominal artery is also affected quite often.

Varizes, on the other hand, is caused by the weakening of the valves of the veins or by any damage caused to them. When the valves don’t work then blood doesn’t flow back to the heart. The valves pump blood toward the heart against the gravitational force and stop them from flowing backward. As a result there is pooling of blood in the legs and this cause the veins to swell. This can be quite unsightly but the worst part is that there is a lot of itching. When you constantly scratch the vein you may even cause ulcers.

Although there are many treatment methods available for treating aneurisma and varizes, the physician choose the appropriate one based on different conditions. In the case of aneurysm the physician may ask you to wait while they monitor the condition of the problem. In the case of varicose veins, change in lifestyle may treat the condition.

Vascular surgery is the most minimally invasive way to treat aneurisma and varizes.

In the case of aneurisma a small cut is made in the groin and a stent is inserted through the cut. The surgery is done through this cut and the condition is treated completely. The best part of this form of surgery is that one recovers within a couple of days and can go through their normal routine under postoperative monitoring.

There are typically three modes of vascular surgery used in the treatment of varizes. They are called Endovenous Ablation Therapy, Endoscopic Vein Surgery and Ambulatory phlebectomy. In all these cases the surgery is done by making small cuts close to the varicose veins. In Endovenous Ablation Therapy the veins are closed off using heat and in Endoscopic Vein Surgery the veins are closed off with a surgical device. In Endovenous Ablation Therapy small cuts are made on the skin surface to remove small varicose veins.

Aneurism and varizes are conditions related to veins and hence should be treated immediately. The signs and symptoms should be noted and you should visit your physician right then. Follow their advice to get treated completely.

Resource Box: Aneurisma  and varizes can be thought of as less complicated than other diseases but they should be treated at the earliest.