Don't stop at keyword SEO. Look at other SEO techniques too

It comes as no surprise that keyword SEO lies at the heart of any SEO strategy. When someone searches online the phrases that they use are c

It comes as no surprise that keyword SEO lies at the heart of any SEO strategy. When someone searches online the phrases that they use are called keywords. The search engine crawlers take these keywords as reference points and use them find out relevant websites. So, the start of any SEO strategy is with keywords. But there are other SEO techniques available too. And when you want your website to rank high with search engines you also need to look at those techniques.

It makes a lot of sense to analyze the performance of your current keywords. Google Rankings is one website that can be used for this. Enter your website’s URL in the space provided and you will be able to see the most often used words and phrases of your website. You will also see the ranking of your website considering these words and phrases. Thus you will immediately come to know whether your keywords make sense for your website or not. You may now need to work on keyword SEO and other SEO techniques to improve the performance of your website.

When you work with an SEO company they are going to do a lot of things with the keywords of your website. First of all, they will get rid of all the vanity keywords. Some example of vanity keywords are flowers or guitar or any generic word. There are enough established websites that have total claim on these vanity keywords. Using SEO techniques the SEO company will look for better and alternative keywords and long-tailed keywords.

If you have a website that caters to some small town in the US called X then a long-tailed keyword for your website could be “fresh daisies for every occasion in X”. This makes your keywords more robust and specific. This will also help you attract targeted traffic to your website. Google AdWords can also provide alternatives for “daisies” that can then be used in your website. This is an important part of keyword SEO for your website.

The other option in keyword SEO is to place your website’s keywords in all the strategic places of your website. Search engine crawlers look at all places as they search for keywords. Hence, your SEO company will insert the keywords in the URL of your website, in the meta tags, in the page title and also in the content. This will enable the search engine crawlers to locate your website easily.

Apart from keyword SEO there are many other SEO techniques that you should use. This could include freshening up the content of your website with the most relevant and updated information. This could also include setting up quality backlinks or buying highly ranked PR links. This could also mean marketing your website through blogs, forums, articles, social networking and social bookmarking. The options are all there and your SEO company will be able to pick the right options.

To summarize, keyword SEO is excellent to use but don’t forget other SEO techniques. Ask your SEO company for more information.

Resource Box: While  keyword SEO is one of the best  SEO techniques  available you shouldn’t stop at it. Try out other SEO strategies too.