Essential Pointers for Buying Rugs

When you move into a new house, it is but natural that your first concern should be that of its interior decoration in a way which is intere

When you move into a new house, it is but natural that your first concern should be that of its interior decoration in a way which is interesting, elegant as also long lasting. A time tested way of accomplishing this objective through epochs has been the incorporation of rugs as in addition to styling these have a lot of utility as well. Since a rug can be a very useful commodity within the house in terms of floor protection, making the house child friendly and effecting acoustic treatment, getting one is indeed a sensible decision. However what matters is whether you settle for cheap rugs or more expensive varieties.

Having decided to acquire rugs for you home, it is time to educate yourself about the procedure as also the guidelines so that your purchase is every bit value for money and qualitative as well. Given that this task is easier said than done, it needs to be approached with systematic planning, the first priority pertaining to fixing of the time of purchase. Shopping for this accessory is a lot more meaningful if well timed because it enables the buyer to acquire good quality carpets without paying through the nose instead of simply compromising with cheap rugs.

Equally important is laying down of the budget and a suggestion in this regard would be to formulate an amount which is neither too high nor too low. Flexibility of budget is recommended in case of rugs because it is an ideal way of identifying the right type. While too tight a budget might limit the choice only to cheap rugs, not having ceiling would result in over-spending which later might seem wasteful and unnecessary. Owing to the availability of a wide range, budget also determines factors like durability, maintenance and raw materials used.

Another concern is that of quality and the best rugs in this regard are those which are manufactured by employing the hand-knotted technique. The art of making carpets through knotting originated in Persia and ever since has enjoyed a distinctive status because of its finery, functionality and elegance. Second to this category is the hand-tufted rugs which is machine made and hence less aesthetic and durable. Many of the cheap rugs are machine made which is explains their short-lived nature as also the fact they might not be as thick as their more expensive counterparts.

Research pertaining to rugs, especially if they are meant for personal use, must be inclusive of size considerations and although there are a few standard sizes, it is possible to acquire one which is customized as per personal requirements. An essential pointer while deciding on the size is that a rug should neither be too small nor too large and should be just big enough to fit snugly into the sitting area. Because they are often placed under the furniture they are particularly prone to tearing and this where the quality difference between cheap rugs and traditional Persian rugs is plainly visible.

Other factors which influence purchase are color and style considerations. Rugs vary in style from being traditional to contemporary, shag, braided and south-western to name a few and each is characterized by its own unique pattern. The general trend is to use traditional designs for a formal setting and a flokati rug to impart a modern touch. Likewise colors also impact the surroundings and set the mood of the room which is why these should be kept in mind while considering cheap rugs, area rugs, natural rugs or any other type.   

Resource Box - Being cognizant of essential pointers for buying  rugs  renders the task much less tedious than it actually is. While the option of cheap rugs  is always there, awareness in the matter would enable better purchases in spite of budgetary constraints.