Family Office - Things to Know

All the wealthy people dream that their wealth and riches stay in their family in future generations. They take services from a separate ent

All the wealthy people dream that their wealth and riches stay in their family in future generations. They take services from a separate entity or a company for preserving and maintaining the wealth within the family. That company is known as the family office.  In simple words, a family office is a company which helps their wealthy clients to manage their wealth efficiently and keeps them wealthier in future also. Each family office gives the family a proper financial advice for its customers on their assets, properties and stocks.

This concept of family office was introduced centuries ago. When people wanted some expert advice in managing their properties, they appointed exclusive advice board for themselves. This later derived its name as family office. The family office serves as a financial consultant for the family and provides few functions such as financial planning, estate transfer, tax planning, risk management, life management, trustee services and family governance. They do not advice on the investment area as their main objective is to maintain and manage the existing wealth of their clients. They would clearly mention the strength and weakness of your current financial situation. Also they would plan their financial obligations and insurance management.

Succession planning and filling the gaps are the two main jobs of the family office people. They help the board members in designing the next person in power from the family. Their suggestions will be highly valued by the directors and board members. The family office would choose the person who is well qualified to carry out the business in the right path. If a family office has a single client then they are known as single family office. When the family deals with so many clients, then they are known as multiple family offices. These people advice and deal with more than one wealthy client.

Initially the family office concept was introduced by many leading businessmen of United States. Later this was followed worldwide. Today you can see many such family offices servicing their clients. In the United States, San Francisco family office are considered to be the most efficient and productive people. You could find many of the San Francisco family offices are mostly put up in California and they are famously called as California family offices.  This San Francisco family office came into existence quarter centuries ago. Over the years, many such family offices with excellent services have been established in California.

The family offices will also take care of the legal compliances for the family and advocate them on certain financial grounds. Sometimes, people may be put up in different places within the same country for business reasons. It is difficult for all of them to communicate and discuss about a certain issue.   For such cases, the family office team will co ordinate and pass on the important information regarding the family property. If you want to hire any of the family offices you can just go online and choose the best family office which will suit your family and business.

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