Health Management Tasks & Career Prospects at Nurse Manager Jobs

Duties and career growth at nurse manager jobs does not restrict to health management. Find out what to expect at such jobs in detail.

According to MyCareer, an online job search portal, the average salary package for Nursing Management jobs was estimated to be $85,763 in December 2011. How valued this job profile is can be interpreted from the salary package figure itself. However, those who aspire for nurse manager jobs should also be aware of the responsibilities and career development prospects of the post. Knowledge of these details will help aspiring nurses to plan their professional life.

What to Expect at Nurse Manager Jobs in Terms of Duties and Growth

Here is what a candidate is expected to do and what can they expect for their professional development at nurse manager jobs:

Duties/ Responsibilities
•    A nursing manager is responsible for setting the objectives and developing, implementing and observing the policies in a healthcare organization. The manager performs this duty within units, staffs and community groups.
•    Performing managerial functions at the human resource level, such as recruitment of staff, budget management and personnel health administration is also expected from managers.
•    At nurse manager jobs, managers promote relationships between community agencies and healthcare and education system.
•    Competent nurse managers contribute to the organizational objective through tasks, such as risk management, safety and quality standards.
•    Lastly, managers within a unit offer proper guidance to the entire nursing staff. In fact, they are responsible for monitoring the nursing staff too.

Scope for Career Growth
•    According to, recruitment for nurse manager jobs is anticipated to grow tremendously between 2015 and 2016.
•    Requirement for full-time nurse mangers have increased to over 80% as compared to part-time and other settings. In fact, average weekly working hours expected at nurse manager jobs are accounted to 38.3, according to the latest data from This figure is much less as compared to 41.3 hours for other occupations, especially when the annual compensation at nurse manger jobs is higher.
•    Several industries and settings are open for nurse managers, such as Healthcare and Social Assistance, Education and Training, Agriculture, Forestry, Public Administration and Safety.
•    The proportion of managers leaving the occupation is also lower at 6.3% annually as compared to the average of all the other occupations at 13.1%.

If you are an aspiring nursing manager and want to contribute to health management, consider both responsibilities and job prospects carefully before applying. Also, conduct a job search on a well-known online platform to get the best options available.

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