Party Planning Tips for a Low Budget Party

Party planning for a low budget party comes with its set of challenges that need to be overcome. Having a few tips handy will help you in pl

Splashing money doesn’t always guarantee that an event will be lot of fun. On the contrary, low budget parties can be a lot of fun in some cases. Low budget party planning needs some creativity, a crazy theme and a group of guests who love partying and are not worried about making a fool of themselves once in a while. When you are planning for an event whether it is your birthday, an anniversary party or Christmas, you need to pick a venue. If you want to cut down on the cost, you can pick a venue that doesn’t cost money. It could be the house, the terrace or front yard of one of the guests or even a farm house of a friend.

In low budget party planning everyone contributes to a certain extent. Every member for example, can bring a dish or two or a bottle of wine to contribute to the party and create enough variety. If you want to do it differently you can have a theme where every guest picks a different country and has to come up with a recipe and drink popular in that country. While planning for an event you can use themes that don’t cost money but could be a lot of fun. For example, a costume party where guests dress up as unfashionably as possible could be lot of fun. From your school day knickers to the bell bottom pants worn by your dad, anything and everything could be passed off as interesting. You could even have a poll to decide the weirdest outfit of the evening, enjoying the time together without splashing big bucks on expensive clothes.

For low budget party planning you can use e-cards and online social networking requests instead of actually sending printed party invitations. This makes the job easier too as you can easily take a poll on how many are attending thus reducing possible wastage of food. You can also have BBQ parties especially by hiring a BBQ grille if one of your friends doesn’t own it. If you have your own garden there is nothing like considering that you have lots of fresh produce to throw in for different kinds of salads and recipes. That way you can avoid having to hire a catering service. A round of fishing can be perfect if you are planning for an event in a place where there is a local river or lake.

If you are planning for an event with a low budget, you can set a theme that is unique but hardly needs any cost on decorations. A jungle theme party for example that only needs pine cones, braches, twigs, vines, etc. could be an ideal choice. For low budget party planning you have to make sure that the guest list is small. You can also dig up online for great ideas around mock-tails, desserts and other recipes that are easy to make and don’t need exotic ingredients.

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