Questions You Should Ask Before Planning a Party With a Theme

Planning a party that has a specific theme can be a time consuming process. Asking certain questions while planning for an event with a them

Theme parties could be a lot of fun. They could give the guests a lot of reasons to cheer. It could turn out to be a unique experience for everyone who is attending the party. However, planning a party with a specific theme isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It needs a lot of logistical preparations. You will need to ask yourself some very specific questions before picking up on a theme. Otherwise, you might only end up with confused guests who are really not sure about what they are supposed to wear, say or look like. The first question to ask is whether your guests can relate to the theme. A Harry Potter theme party for example would be ideal while planning for an event with kids but not necessarily when a majority of the guests would be middle aged or senior citizens.

Similarly, you cannot expect to have a Retro party while planning for an event for teenagers or those in their early twenties. Most of them wouldn’t really be well aware of what the retro fashions are or might not really be able to enjoy retro music. If you are planning a party with a specific theme, you also need to ask yourself if you have the time to get the decorative setting that a party with a specific theme needs. A pirate party definitely needs a game or two with pirates jumping across ships. Not only is it difficult to get the set in place but also to ensure that the safety standards are maintained.

If you are planning a party with a costume theme, you might have to question yourself if guests can actually find the props or costumes that they need to attend the party. It isn’t hard to dress up like a pirate or like a particular Hollywood star, but if the theme is to do with Arabian Nights, then the guests will need some assistance with the costumes. Your set too should look like a Bedouin tent, with cushions and drapes that can exactly match the descriptions in some of those stories. While planning for an event that is supposed to be fun, you can use themes. However, you have to question yourself if the theme will make the guests comfortable. For example, you can have kids playing Jungle Book characters but not all adults would be comfortable in that.

While planning a party with a theme you have to consider the season too. Expecting guests to spend an evening in magical cloaks and tapering hats would be unfair when it is humid or hot. Similarly a beach party could be very uncomfortable in a winter evening when it could get really chilly. Lastly, you need to ask yourself if you can add fun games with a particular theme while planning for an event. For example, an Indiana Jones theme or a Texas Western theme with a treasure hunt could be a lot of fun for all kinds of guests.

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