Roles that a Party Planner Must Play to Perfection

The role of a party planner goes beyond just planning a party. During the course of party planning, the planner must play multiple roles suc

Whether it is a small budget event or a big budget party, there is one similarity. The party planner is the single most important person, at the end of the day. Whether a guest returns home smiling or is eagerly awaiting the end of the event depends on how well the party planning group has pulled it off. There are a few roles that the event planner has to play to perfection. He may or may not be the host and he may or may not be the moderator. Whether the planner works behind the scenes or is the person who knows every guest, these responsibilities still need to be carried out with fervor and gusto.

The party planner has to be a good leader who works with a team and works well in a team. Irrespective of how competent a person is, how smart, how organized or how witty, he cannot pull the entire weight of the event on his own. Party planning is a team’s job and the planner has to be the perfect delegator. At a professional level, this is slightly easier because the event planner has specific professionals to do specific duties and can be relied on for giving it their best. In casual or informal parties, the planner has to understand which family member or which friend can be allocated what task to be completed.

A good party planner has to be someone who can estimate well. Whether it is estimating how much time something can take or how much money a particular requirement needs, the planner has to be on the button for a successful event. Party planning always involves perfect money and time management, irrespective of the budget. If there is a lot of money offered by sponsors the responsibility to get true value and pull off a spectacular event is that much more. So, the planner should have the expertise and experience to know what one can get in a particular budget range. A planner also has to be someone who can network well, whether that is during an event or behind the scenes. The more people a planner knows, the more solutions she or he would have in a crisis situation, especially with respect to vendors.

Efficient party planning needs a smart party planner who knows how to utilize tools and make work more efficient. One can run around all day, trying to meet people and a smart planner could have the same discussions online through a web-camera chat, saving a lot of time and effort. The planner should have a feel for efficiency always questioning how something can be done in a smarter and more efficient way. The perfect combination would obviously be a planner who works hard and yet knows an efficient way of accomplishing each task. That will mean that the planner is always ahead of schedule and has sufficient buffer to deal with critical situations which are beyond anyone’s control and could happen from time to time.

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