Tools a Party Planner Can Really Benefit From

Planning a party successfully is an art that is difficult to master. There are certain tools that a party planner needs to use to ensure the

An effective party planner should be good at organizational skills, multi-tasking and time management. Planning a party will need a planner to bring on all the experience possible as far as managing different tasks are concerned. The bigger the guest list, greater will be the pressure. This is where it is important to use certain tools that make your job easy. A great example of one such tool is the calendar itself. An online calendar helps you mark dates as specific deadlines. You can use it for sending reminder alarms, a day in advance, a week in advance or an hour in advance depending upon the nature of the task. While planning a party, you can send a calendar request to the guests, on their Gmail accounts or Outlook accounts, so that they can mark it.

A smart phone can really help a party planner synch their calendar, so that they can get reminders on their phones irrespective of what they might be doing at a given point of time. This will ensure that the event planner doesn’t miss an important meeting with a vendor, a specific task that occurs to him in a fleeting moment and then disappears or a checkpoint for certain tasks. While planning a party another simple but highly efficient tool is the post it notes. You can use actual notes sticking them on a huge white board that your team can follow as instructions.

A party planner can also use software so that there are other benefits like categorizing different kinds of tasks, creating color codes based on task difficulty and segregating them based on timelines. Some online sticky note software tools allow you to sync reminders with your phone as well as club multiple tasks through smart work. While planning a party, an important tool that will help you achieve efficiency is an online document that can be shared between multiple team members. Efficient planners are good at using excel sheets that can help them segregate different tasks and assign them to different teams. These sheets can also be used for other forms of communication like problems encountered, need to push deadlines and the actual status of the task. Color coding of individual cells often gives you a visual image of how a particular event is being planned.

It always helps to see a sheet in green status, which means that a lot of tasks are on schedule. Too many red cells could mean that there is lot of pending work to be completed. For a party planner it is easy to check these sheets from anywhere, without actually spending a lot of time discussing things with team members either in meetings or through phone calls. Finally, online polls can be a great way of indulging your guests to certain extent in the way the party will unravel. For example, you can use polls to find the kind of cuisine preferences the guests have or their music inclinations so that you are not planning a party on guesswork.

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