Use keyword SEO or buy PR links - which is the better option?

SEO, as you may well know, is a set of tools and techniques that uses natural and unpaid methods to increase the page rank of a website. Eve

SEO, as you may well know, is a set of tools and techniques that uses natural and unpaid methods to increase the page rank of a website. Everyone knows how valuable it is to increase the page rank of a website with the top search engines. When someone searches online, websites that have higher page ranks are displayed at the top of search engine results. And this, of course, increases their chances of being visited more frequently. There are many techniques used in SEO – keyword SEO, content writing, article marketing and setting up links and so on. In terms of links, one can exchange links with other websites or buy PR links. So what is that technique that one should use?

To rank a website really high with search engines one should definitely used the tried and tested methods. When websites buy PR links or use keyword SEO strategies, it is said that they have the best strategy in place. But which of these two is better? Different people have different opinions. But if you go to an SEO expert they will tell you that both are important.

Let us look at keyword SEO first. Keywords lie at the heart of any SEO strategy. When you have keywords optimized for your website the chances of search engine crawlers finding your website are very high. Use of original and alternative keywords, use of long-tailed keywords and placement of keywords strategically throughout the website helps your website get found easily and this also improves the page rank.

As far as links as concerned there are different options are available. Some websites exchange links with other websites. Some websites are good enough to get one-way links from other websites. And there are websites that buy PR links from other websites. When a website has their link on another website the search engines think very highly of your website. A single quality link can take your website up by more than a few notches when it comes to search engine position.

The problem with these techniques is that you cannot ignore one in favor of the other. You may have to have your keyword SEO optimized and you may also have to buy PR links. So what you need is an experienced SEO partner that can tell you which technique to use in which circumstance. Sometimes they would want you to have your keyword SEO in place and sometimes they would urge you to buy PR links. There are other SEO techniques too and these would be used from time to time to give your website the attention it needs.

You know your end objective – your website needs to be visible prominently when someone visits a search engine and uses keywords that are relevant to your website. It is important that you use all the various techniques available for achieving this result. The decision on whether you need keyword SEO or need to buy PR links is best left to your SEO partner. Let them do the best for your website.

Resource Box: It is not tough to decide whether to  buy PR links  or use  keyword SEO. Both are essential for high search engine rank.