What is Human Resource?

One of the most misunderstood departments within a corporate organization is the human resources (HR) department. Then again, human resource

Human resources can be defined as a group of persons who make up the labor force of a company, economy, organization or sector. Human resources is also commonly referred to as human capital. On the other hand, human resource management (HRM) also commonly known as HR is the supervision of a business’s labor force. The human resource department is responsible for luring, selecting, training, assessing and rewarding employees with an organization. HR is also tasked with supervising organizational culture as well as leadership in addition to guaranteeing observance with work plus labor legislations.  In situations where staff members want and are allowed by law to organize a collective bargaining agreement, the human resource will basically act as the organization’s key link with staff’s representatives (i.e. labor union).

Consequently, persons who work in the human resource department ought to be outgoing. This is because human resource personnel often deal with several employees at any given moment. Hence, it is paramount that human resource employees have friendly demeanor.

Handling employees is not an easy job as some people tend to think. Therefore, if your desire is to work in the human resource department, you need to make sure that you have the qualification and experience needed to do the job effectively. Two decades ago, human resource employees were hardly seen. They mostly used to work in the background to make certain that employee records were up-to-date and that staff benefits were properly managed. Unfortunately, the job did not exceed these responsibilities. However, things have changed over the years and human resource department no longer deals with minor administrative duties. They are not responsible for recruitment and firing of employees within an organization.

Persons who work in the human resource department should be able to manage crisis that may crop up amongst employees as smooth and discreet as possible. Crisis amongst employees can range from health matters to sexual harassment and staff dispute. Ability to handle employee issues with confidentiality is a key quality for human resource personnel. Human resource personnel also ought to be good judges of characters and morale. You should be able to recognize instances when morale amongst employees is at its lowest and come up with ways of boosting their morale. It is the duty of human resource to make certain that all staff members are comfortable with their environment and work under suitable terms.

If you are looking for a career in the human resources, you need to have college education. It is not a must that you a degree in human resources, nonetheless a degree will increase your chances of being hired as human resource personnel. To find out more on what are human resources, log onto the web.

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