Leonie Industries Responds to Allegations

Misinformation Campaign Against USA Today Reporters

Leonie Industries formally responds to an article in USA Today, which describes a “misinformation campaign” against two of the newspaper’s reporters who have recently covered Leonie Industries.

An April 21 USA Today article describes a “misinformation campaign” against two of the newspaper’s reporters who have recently covered Leonie Industries.  Although Leonie was not named in the story (or contacted by the reporter who wrote it), the article implies that the company was somehow involved in the activities described therein. Other media outlets have subsequently repeated the essence of the story, but have gone further by explicitly naming Leonie as being responsible for the campaign.

To be clear, Leonie condemns the activities described in the article.  While Leonie has no reason to believe that any employee was involved in this activity, an internal investigation is being conducted to determine whether any employee was so involved. If that investigation determines that there was such involvement, appropriate action will be taken.

The Leonie Mission:
To help our clients understand and communicate with local people in diverse or inaccessible areas around the world through innovative, culturally-attuned global strategic communication solutions.

The Leonie Vision:
To be recognized as industry-leading experts in providing strategic communication solutions to hard-to-reach local audiences in diverse and challenging areas of the world.

Company Values:

  • Diversity — Leonie Industries’ international staff of professionals have highly diverse backgrounds and specific cultural expertise to best serve our clients.
  • Integrity — Leonie upholds the highest standards of integrity. Being open, honest and direct in dealing with clients, partners and the communities they interact with are Leonie keystones. The company builds strong, productive relationships in an environment of trust.
  • Respect — Leonie embraces other cultures and divergent worldviews. Our insight into religious, political and economic differences is an essential component to creating highly effective, high-impact communications.
  • Authenticity — Leonie Industries’ reputation is built on delivering authentic and credible messages that appeal to local audiences in challenging and often inaccessible areas around the world.
  • Commitment — The firm is founded on the ideals of advancing communication across cultures.  We are deeply passionate about what we do and committed to our clients’ success.