Leonie Industries Response to USA Today

Information Operations Contractor Confirmed Tax Obligations Were Satisfied

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Leonie Industries shared a formal response to recent coverage in USA Today, which reviewed outstanding tax obligations on the part of Leonie owners, Camille Chidiac and Rema Dupont. As of March 23, 2012 all tax obligations for Leonie’s owners have been met.

Leonie experienced financial challenges, not unusual for a government contractor of its size. Because of those challenges, the Leonie owners deferred their shareholder compensation so that the company would have the funds available to meet its contractual obligations. As a result, the owners were unable to meet their personal tax obligations on time.

At no time did the Leonie owners seek to avoid their responsibilities as taxpayers. Both owners, Camille Chidiac and Rema Dupont, have been faithfully paying their tax liabilities through installment plans with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including substantial late fees and penalties. The remaining federal tax liabilities were paid in March 2012. They would have been paid much sooner, but for the fact that Leonie was awaiting a significant client payment, which was ultimately paid in March, 2012. Thus, this matter has been fully resolved.

Issues described above relate solely to the Leonie Industries owners’ personal tax obligations and have no bearing on the company or the important work it does. Leonie is an LLC, and as such, the tax obligations flow through to the owners. Leonie is up-to-date on all of its federal and state corporate tax obligations.

About Leonie

Leonie is an international, woman-owned professional services company specializing in cultural advisory, strategic communication, and mission support services. The company helps clients overcome the social-cultural challenges of engaging groups at the neighborhood level in hard to reach locations around the world.

Leonie local advisors and subject matter experts provide global media solutions including region-specific research, worldwide media production and distribution, digital media and creative services, cultural advisory services, and data analytics.

The company provides in-depth regional, cultural and social knowledge with unmatched distribution and analysis capabilities. This enables clients to deliver innovative, culturally-attuned solutions that reflect the social nuances and mores of each local environment.

The contributions of Leonie’s dedicated professionals have been recognized by their growing list of clients who have expressed their appreciation through corporate commendations, individual awards, and repeat contract awards. On a recently completed program, six of the Leonie employees were presented the Commanders Award for Civilian Service for their contribution to the successful accomplishment of their clients’ mission. This exemplifies Leonie’s dedication to delivering the best qualified professionals to ensure customers’ success.

The specialized expertise of Leonie's professional staff combined with their trusted network of global partners enables Leonie to deliver dedicated, relevant and responsive mission support services anywhere in the world.