Lieberman Software Will Present "Take Control of Your Administrative Credentials" at Cyber Security BankT - Peru 2012

Company to Discuss Strategies for Secure Privileged Account Management

Lieberman Software Corporation, in conjunction with its Peruvian channel partner Vilsol, announced today that Global Partner Program Manager John Richardson will speak at Cyber Security Bank™ – Peru 2012 in Lima at 11:30 a.m. on August 15. He will present "Privileged Identity Management: Taking Control of Your Administrative Credentials" to conference attendees, consisting primarily of IT security executives in the financial industry.

“Despite serious security risks and the potential for regulatory compliance failures, many organizations in the financial services industry are still unaware of vulnerabilities posed by privileged accounts,” Richardson said. “Often, these organizations cannot identify or control who has access to critical IT resources in their networks, or audit what changes are made, when and by whom. However, as my presentation will detail, there are solutions available today that can rectify this situation.”

During this presentation Richardson will outline:
  • Why privileged accounts are not protected by conventional identity and access management products;
  • How unsecured privileged accounts can lead to potential security holes in servers, network appliances, web services, line-of-business applications, and other critical IT assets;
  • The unintended ways that access to sensitive data can spread within an organization over time;
  • Steps that real-world IT professionals in the financial industry have taken to mitigate the risks of unsecured privileged identities - including identifying at-risk IT assets, strengthening privileged password security, and controlling and monitoring access to private data.
Attendees will come away with an understanding of where privileged identities reside in the enterprise, how the mismanagement of these super-user accounts creates risk, regulatory compliance requirements for securing and monitoring these credentials, and the technologies that currently exist to ensure that security and compliance conditions are met.