Lierac Paris Expands into Medical Distribution

Introducing nine physician-exclusive products to combat skin concerns

New York, NY (October 6, 2010) Lierac Paris is expanding their distribution of high-performance, cosmeceutical skin care to include dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical offices with nine physician recommended products.

"This is a natural progression for the brand in the US as Lierac has been collaborating with dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide for over 30 years," shares Jacqueline Flam Stokes, Lierac Paris Director of Sales and Marketing.

Dr. Mitchel Goldman, who carries the line in his practice GBK Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, CA, adds, "Lierac Paris has advanced formulations combined with elegance, which appeals to my patients."

Founded in 1975 by Dr. Leon Cariel, a physician specializing in aesthetic medicine (and founding member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine), Lierac Laboratories combines botanical expertise with the revolutionary advances in biotechnology. Created as targeted treatments for the face and body, the line is internationally recognized as being both comprehensive and effective.
This universal acceptance as being a international skincare leader, combined with the company's accreditations and collaborations within a variety of well-respected research centers (CNRS (The French Center for Scientific Research and The Foundation of Conjunctive Tissue), the new medical partnership is reflective of today's pressing medical issues: combining both personal attention with revolutionary advancements when dealing with skin and body care issues. Some of which include the current discoveries of: fibroblast activity, free radicals, Type III Collagen, skin aging and stem cell research.
Each product is supported by strict clinical tests (in-vitro and in-vivo) intended to verify the effectiveness of both the active ingredients and its final results.

Lierac Paris is a true partner to the dermatologic and cosmetic surgery community as the products act on the quality and the firmness of the skin tissues and contribute to the preparation of surgical acts, helping skin to regain its metabolic balance after procedures.

The drive for innovation, followed by Lierac's mission to develop effective solutions for aesthetic disorders, was reinforced in 2003 with the creation of the Lierac Paris "Dermatology Research Award". In association with the French Society of Dermatology, the goal of this award is to finance leading-edge research projects to a member of the medical community, allowing him/her to conduct research in the field of skin physiology. The results of their research will be reviewed and incorporated by Lierac Laboratories with the development of new Lierac Paris products.

The three physician-exclusive product ranges include:

EXCLUSIVE ACTIVE SERUM: This lightweight serum contains a 10% concentration of B-Relaxor Complexr - a unique active ingredient that diminishes the appearance of expression lines and fill- in fine lines and wrinkles. Combines botulinum toxin-like benefits with the wrinkle-filling action of Hyaluronic Acid. Apply before any moisturizer to instantly plump skin. MSRP $98
EXCLUSIVE ULTRA DAY CREAM: Formulated with 5% B-Relaxor Complexr, this luxurious cream has a botulinum toxin-like effect on the skin with moisturizing actives to provide long-lasting hydration and protection from daily stress factors. MSRP $90
EXCLUSIVE INTENSE NIGHT CREAM: This generous cream with a 5% B-Relaxor Complexr; has a botulinum toxin-like effect on the skin while enriched with detoxifying and draining actives (algae, cyclotella and magnesium) for effective nighttime regeneration. MSRP $98
EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM EX Wrinkle-Filling Nutrition Cream: The ultimate in refinement and beauty, this nourishing cream combines the anti-wrinkle performance of pure hyaluronic acid and 5% B-Relaxor Complexr with the rare luxury of black flower extracts (black rose, black orchid and black poppy oil) for powerful nutritive and anti-oxidant benefits. MSRP $145

LIPOFILLING Volume Correction Anti-Aging Cream: A genuine 'architectural' treatment care, Lipofilling has anti-aging actives that work to restore facial volumes and thoroughly lift the skin. Day after day, facial volumes appear rebalanced facial contours are more defined and the skin feels denser and more elastic. The appearance is rejuvenated and the skin looks radiant. MSRP $98
LIPOFILLING NIGHT Intense Regenerating Anti-Aging Night Cream: A genuine 'reconstructing' treatment care, Lipofilling Night acts while the skin is resting to help it regenerate its cellular potential and to add definition to the face. With continued use of the product, skin regains its youthful plumpness, features appear lifted, and skin feels denser and more elastic. Skin appears visibly rejuvenated and bright. MSRP $106

BODY ACTIV RENOVATEUR Skin Renewing Body Lotion: Formulated with fig extracts and AHAs with skin-renewing and micro-exfoliating properties, this daily body lotion ideally moisturizes and smoothes skin. Feeling plumped up and hydrated, skin appears better toned and regains its smooth, velvety feel and youthful, radiant look. MSRP $48
BODY ACTIV MODELAGE Ultra Firming Body Cream: This anti-slackening body cream contains cereals and silicon to increase the elasticity of the skin. Skin feels strengthened and tauter, as if lifted. The body appears more toned and its contours better defined. Particularly recommended for use on inner arms and thighs, this moisturizing cream delivers ultimate comfort and leaves skin feeling hydrated and velvety soft. MSRP $48
BODY ACTIV DRAINAGE Anti-Water Cream: This fresh, sensuous body cream contains high concentrations of drainage-enhancing, tissue-clearing and skin re-texturizing active ingredients including 12 essential oils and plant extracts. It is the ideal solution for women prone to water retention and localized swelling (legs, arms, etc.). May be used during pregnancy. MSRP $48

Lierac Paris is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, headquartered in Bezons, France. Founded by Dr. Cariel, a French physician specializing in corrective cosmetic medicine, Lierac Laboratories have been pioneers in skin repair and correction-oriented phyto-cosmetics since 1975. All Lierac Paris products are formulated to deliver effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. Incorporating leading-edge technologies, Lierac Paris products derive their effectiveness from the field of phyto-therapy, using the most active resources of plants combined with the latest innovations in biotechnology. Lierac Paris is carried in over 800 doors in the US including select CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade and physicians nationwide. Lierac Paris worldwide sales total approximately $250 million. For more information on the Lierac Dermatology Award, please visit or visit 877-5-LIERAC twitter:@lieracskincare