Lierac Paris Skincare Introduces: HIGH PEEL CONCENTRATE

A Highly Concentrated Serum with Time Released Hydroxy-Acids

New York, NY (November 2010) - Known and used in dermatology since 1946, Hydroxy-Acids have become more present in dermatologists' practices since the 1970's. In the early 80's, the cosmetic field also turned to these molecules for their remarkable effects on skin aging.

Today, LIERAC PARIS is continually inspired by dermatological techniques. After the successful launch of Comfort Peel 2-in-1 daily moisturizer and gentle face peel, LIERAC PARIS introduces HIGH PEEL CONCENTRATE. The highly concentrated serum has an undisputable peeling and rejuvenating effect. High Peel fights photo-induced aging (deep wrinkles, dull and uneven complexion, thickened and dehydrated skin) caused by decreased cellular renewal. By harnessing a proprietary skin-renewing blend of high-tech Hydroxy-Acid's derived from natural sugars, the serum moisturizes while correcting the principal signs of aging.

The in-depth research conducted by LIERAC Laboratories led to the discovery of new combinations and forms of HA's resulting in an optimum effectiveness to tolerance ratio.

LIERAC INNOVATION: 10% Hydroxy-Acids + 5% Urea

1. Salicylic acid affixed to acacia gum (1%):
A new generation salicylic acid created from equal proportions of salicylic acid and polysaccharides extracted from acacia gum. These polysaccharides are obtained by incisions in the trunk and branches of the Acacia Senegal tree.

When salicylic acid is affixed to acacia gum it:
 Limits the penetration of salicylic acid.
 Stabilizes salicylic acid in the upper layers of the epidermis.
 Exfoliates like the free form of the acid but without irritation.

2. Glycolic acid encapsulated in cyclodextrins (9%):
The selected glycolic acid is encapsulated in "host" molecules: cyclodextrins. Cyclodextrins are natural molecules obtained from the enzymatic breakdown of a sugar (starch.) This encapsulation:
 Controls the release of glycolic acid, reducing skin irritation.
 Increases its exfoliating action
 Stimulates cellular renewal.

3. Urea (5%):
Urea is the main component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF). In lower concentrations, it moisturizes,softens and improves skin tolerance.

*NO parabens, NO phenoxyethanol. Clincally Tested.

TEXTURE: Lightweight and velvety, with delicate floral notes of water jasmine, and fruity notes of mandarin.

High Peel leaves skin soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturized after the first use. After 6-8 weeks, High Peel diminishes wrinkles, smoothes skin texture, evens out and brightens complexion, and hydrates skin. Clinical studies are currently being conducted.

High Peel ($58) will be available October 2010 through select physicians and at European Skincare Centers in select
CVS/pharmacy and Duane Reade locations.,, 1-877-5-LIERAC

For more information, contact Jenna Muller at or Erica Lamboley at

Lierac Paris is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, headquartered in Bezons, France. Founded by Dr. Cariel, a French physician specializing in corrective cosmetic medicine, Lierac Laboratories have been pioneers in skin repair and correction-oriented phyto-cosmetics since 1975. All Lierac Paris products are formulated to deliver effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. Incorporating leading-edge technologies, Lierac Paris products derive their effectiveness from the field of phyto-therapy, using the most active resources of plants combined with the latest innovations in biotechnology. For more information or to find a local retailer, visit twitter:@lieracskincare