Introducing four paraben-free cleansers to balance skin's equilibrium and preserve its ecosystem

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New York, NY – Launching in the U.S. market MARCH 2012, LIERAC Laboratories have developed four new cleansers to balance and protect the skin’s delicate ecosystem.  The skin’s ecosystem consists of natural and beneficial microbial flora called ecoflora, which is found on the skin’s surface.  The ecoflora is perfectly symbiotic with the skin and activates the synthesis of defense molecules.  It also helps stimulate immunity cells.  As long as the skin has a sufficient quantity of this ecoflora, it is ideally protected.  However as soon as this balance weakens, discomfort and irritation may set in, or even damage.

The outer skin layer, the stratum corneum, provides a physical protection barrier for the body against the external environment.  If its integrity is broken, gaps are formed through which potentially aggressive elements can infiltrate and reach into the biological protective barrier.

The last barrier, formed by the epidermis and the dermis, consists of a communication network between the skin cells, the immunity cells and the nerve cells.  They exchange information in order to confront external assaults and activate the different defense mechanisms of the skin. 

This complex protection system, in tightly linked and complimentary layers, is there to preserve the integrity and comfort of the skin.  However when confronted with environmental pollution, temperature variation, stress, nutritional disorders or unsuitable hygiene products, it can become deficient.  It is therefore essential to help the skin preserve the equilibrium of its ecosystem.

Reinforcing the cutaneous ecoflora is therefore essential in order to restore comfort to damaged skin. In this context, skin cleansing remains the primary beauty act; the skin repairs itself and regenerates during the night. Consequently, skin cleansing is an essential act to carry out in the morning and at night in order to preserve smooth and supple skin, and have glowing and radiant complexion.


In each of its gentle formulas, LIERAC Laboratories incorporate their exclusive ingredient Ecoskin. This original LIERAC complex consists of: 

  • PROBIOTICS: Living micro-organisms (Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus) that complete the cutaneous ecoflora while stimulating the body’s immunity defense systems.
  • BOTANICAL INCA HONEY:  Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural sugars called ogliobructoses that play an essential role in the beneficial ecoflora bacteria.

This natural protective complex can be found throughout the entire new range of cleansers for the face and eyes; it is thus capable of reinforcing and stimulating the skin’s natural defense systems while providing visible solutions:  improved skin appearance, comfort, and radiance.    


 Each new cleanser contains Ecoskin, is paraben-free and available in four polysensorial textures:

  • Gentle cleanser- Micellar cleansing water for face and eyes with soothing and softening mallow extract, and detoxifying linseed flower extract. Its vaporous rice notes delicately powdered with white musk and peony soothe the skin. ($24)
  • Purifying cleanser- Foaming cleansing gel for face and eyes with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory star anise extract. Hydrating glycerin completes the natural origin soap-free cleansing base. This crystal gel combines jasmine bouquet with fresh green notes.
  • Velvet cleansing oil- Vanishing cleansing oil for face and eyes with soothing jojoba oil and macadamia oil with hydrating properties. The oil contains delicate notes of freesia, rose and white musk which transforms into a milky lotion upon contact with water. ($26)
  • Radiance toner- Vitamin-enriched toner for face and eyes with hydrating and anti-wrinkle poppy extract, and energizing, detoxifying and radiance-revealing blood orange extract.  Alcohol-free. ($24)

LIERAC EXFOLIATOR & MASKS will be available MARCH 2012 through select physicians and in SkinFitness Centers at select Duane Reade and Walgreens locations.  1-877-5-LIERAC  Available in European Skincare Centers at select CVS/pharmacy locations MAY 2012



Lierac Paris is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, headquartered in Bezons, France.  Founded by  Dr. Cariel, a French physician specializing in corrective cosmetic medicine, Lierac Laboratories have been pioneers in skin repair and correction-oriented phyto-cosmetics since 1975. All Lierac Paris products are formulated to deliver effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. Incorporating leading-edge technologies, Lierac Paris products derive their effectiveness from the field of phyto-therapy, using the most active resources of plants combined with the latest innovations in biotechnology. For more information or to find a local retailer, visit