Ease Your Child's Back-To-School Transition


  • Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
  • Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
    Silhouetter window shadings with LiteRiser
PEARL RIVER, N.Y. – The sweet scent of summer may still be lingering in the air, but your child’s first day of school is fast approaching.  Transitioning from the blissfully hazy days of summer to the structure of school days can be a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be.  Sally Morse, director of creative services for Hunter Douglas and the lead contributor to “Ask Sally & Jen” on www.hunterdouglas.com, reviews some tips to make back to school preparation easier for both you and your child.   

  • Establish a Schedule – After all those carefree summer days, it’s important to incorporate a little more structure into your child’s day so as to ease the back-to-school transition.  Begin by slowly adjusting bedtime, wake-up time and eating schedules, so that by the time school starts, your child will be accustomed to a routine. 
  • Involve Your Kids – The more your child feels a part of the back-to-school planning, the more enthusiastic he or she is likely to become.  This could include allowing your kids to help with setting up play dates, shopping for school supplies or buying new outfits for school.
  • Goals – Brainstorming a few goals for the school year with your kids is a great way to be involved in their academic career, but also allow them to work toward something on their own.  Try establishing one academic goal and one social goal for the semester. 
  • Study Area – Finding the right space in your home is critical for productive and effective studying.  Every child learns differently and retention of information is largely dependent on the environment and mood that he or she is working in.  The right window treatments can make a difference.  Hunter Douglas Silhouette® window shadings provide daytime privacy that helps concentration while still allowing gently filtered light and a view.  This soft, sheer product with fabric vanes that rotate for varying degrees of privacy and light control is now available with the enhanced LiteRise® cordless lifting system that makes it especially ideal for homes with young children.  Silhouette with LiteRise is so innovative that it was named 2012 Product of the Year by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association.
  • Mark the Calendar – Before school begins for your child, get the calendar out and write down events and holidays to look forward to as a family.  Those school vacations are not only pertinent to your schedule; your child will enjoy feeling included in the planning of family trips or weekend getaways.  For example, mark down a date in late October to go Halloween costume shopping, or anything else that may be meaningful to your child.  Although the last days of summer are quickly slipping away, this will remind your child of all the exciting things in store for the fall.
With these tips, transitioning to the school year should be easier than ever. 

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