Maples Communications To Offer Free `Social Media Makeover' To Interested Companies

Complimentary Social Media Makeover Plan Will Highlight `Best Practices' for Building Business Online; Offer Good through 2009

Maples Communications, Inc., one of Orange County's leading social media and traditional communications agencies, today announced it is offering a free social media makeover centered on best practices to any company wanting to build audience and engage with customers online to meet business goals.

Providers of social media outreach programs to a Fortune 100 technology company, as well as a large restaurant chain, greentech companies and several other firms, MCI will provide recommendations on how to better connect with customers, suppliers, partners and outside experts in ways that were barely imagined just a few years ago.

"With the country now beginning to look ahead to recovery from the economic downturn, companies are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently connect with their customers, build brand awareness, manage company reputation and, most importantly, generate sales and revenue," said Bob Maples, president, Maples Communications, Inc. "As a result, many companies are beginning to embrace social media as a way to reach stakeholders, create a dialogue, and demonstrate that they understand the needs and concerns of their audiences."

"Companies don't want to start building online audiences when the economy is back in full swing after the competition has been doing so for months," Maples said. "This is the time every company needs to ask itself: `Am I implementing the optimum social media program for my business?'"
After identifying what each company's specific goals are for engaging in social media, Maples Communications develops a "Best Practices" plan and recommendation that is effective and efficient with the company's budget and includes the following:

 Locate and learn: MCI will research the company's online audiences to gain understanding of their conversations, interests, and preferred methods of communications, as well as which social media sites each target audience prefers.
 Establish and build: The key to any successful social media program is to position the company as an influencer by delivering relevant content to online audiences in a manner that they wish to receive it. MCI will assess the company's presence both on its own site as well on outside social media properties such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to gauge if the current outreach is consistent, engaging and creating value for audiences.
 Create and interact: MCI will also evaluate if the company is creating and interacting with its natural communities through these online properties, and, if so, if it's in a conversational, transparent nature. To reach corporate goals and objectives, companies need to create social media content that is relevant for their audiences, whether it is text, audio or video.

The free social media makeover offer is good through the end of 2009. To take advantage of this offer, please contact Bob Maples at (949) 855-3555 or For more information about Maples Communications, please visit