Mascot Books Publishes "Abbie Gets Fit"

Children's Book Written by Doug Werner as Inspiration for Parents and Children to Adopt a more Active Lifestyle


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Mascot Books Publishes “Abbie Gets Fit”

Children’s Book Written by Doug Werner as Inspiration for Parents and Children to Adopt a more Active Lifestyle

Note: Doug Werner is available for signings and readings in the Glastonbury, CT area.

Herndon, Virginia; May 1, 2012: Mascot Books announces the release of Abbie Gets Fit, an educational children’s book written by Doug Werner, Vice President for Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness.

Abbie Gets Fit is the endearing and compelling true story of one nine-year-old girl’s daily journey to fitness with her father.  Motivated by a failed fitness exam at her school, Abbie and her father set out on a 6 month quest to improve her fitness level and prepare for the next exam.  With a rain or shine, sixty minute fitness walk as the foundation of their daily program, Abbie’s fitness transformation was remarkable, and the bond she and her father forged as a result has changed their relationship forever. 

Doug Werner had very personal inspiration for this book. “Abbie Gets Fit is based on a true story about my daughter Abbie. She has never really liked sports much, has never been very active. Abbie and I developed an exercise plan that helped her reach her fitness goals. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to take charge and be committed to helping their child find some form of fun and effective exercise. It is our sincere wish that this book will help you and your child get on the road to your own ‘Get Fit’ story.”

Doug Werner published this unique book through the Mascot Books Author Program. The Mascot Books Author Program allows prospective authors to publish their children’s books in a way that combines the freedom of self-publishing with all the support a publishing industry leader has to offer.

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