Mascot Books Publishes "Haysoos The Honu"

Children's Book Written by Kristin Barnes as a tribute to Hawaii and to encourage children to have a positive attitude.


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Mascot Books Publishes “Haysoos The Honu"

Children’s Book Written by Kristin Barnes as a tribute to Hawaii and to encourage children to have a positive attitude.

Note: Kristin Barnes is available for readings and signings in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

Herndon, Virginia; March 13, 2012: Mascot Books announces the release of Haysoos The Honu, an inspirational children’s book written by Kristin Barnes, a Naval aviator.

Haysoos The Honu is about a Hawaiian sea turtle who is trying to make friends. The playful text paired with vibrant illustrations by Anais Lee, creates a lush underwater world for children to explore. He loves the company of other creatures, but he feels different from the fish, eels, and manta rays. His bulky shell slows him down, and his lungs mean he has to interrupt playtime to surface for air. Haysoos believes that being different is a bad thing, until he meets a special friend who shows him just how special it is to be different!

The story of Haysoos the Honu is very personal to Kristin.  One of the first women to fly in a combat aircraft over enemy territory, she was for most of her career the only female aviator in her squadron. The challenge of fitting in to an established culture dominated by men has provided a life full of lessons in not only accepting her differences but how she could contribute and excel despite being so very different from her peers.  Kristin says, “Haysoos embodies acceptance of circumstances, perspective and positive attitude; these are tools with which every child should be equipped.”

Kristin Barnes published this unique book through the Mascot Books Author Program. The Mascot Books Author Program allows prospective authors to publish their children’s books in a way that combines the freedom of self-publishing with all the support a publishing industry leader has to offer.

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