Mascot Books Publishes "The Adventures of Simba - The Frisky Feline"

Children's Book Written by Linda McLean


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Mascot Books Publishes “The Adventures of Simba - The Frisky Feline”

Children’s Book Written by Linda McLean

Note: Linda McLean is available for book signings and readings in the Victoria, British Columbia area.

Herndon, Virginia; May 1, 2012: Mascot Books announces the release of The Adventures of Simba - The Frisky Feline, a children’s book written by Linda McLean.

Author Linda McLean captures the curious nature of her kitten, Simba, in this playful story. Simba learns a lot from both his human and his companion, Casper. Simba chases birds, puts his personal touch on the furniture, and gets into mischief, while still managing to put a smile on his human's face. Linda McLean wrote this book about the wonderful, crazy kitten that wiggled its way into her heart. After telling friends and family about his antics, they suggested she write a children’s book about Simba.

Linda McLean says, “For me, I consider this project part of my ‘bucket list,’ as I have always wanted to write a children’s book and just never could get up the nerve.”

Linda McLean published this unique book through the Mascot Books Author Program. The Mascot Books Author Program allows prospective authors to publish their children’s books in a way that combines the freedom of self-publishing with all the support a publishing industry leader has to offer.

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