Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22nd

Reduce Your Paw Print with Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Chicago, IL – Earth Day 2012 is just around the corner, so it’s a good time to consider what you and your pet can do for the planet on April 22nd. Thanks to the latest innovations from two creative pet product companies, here are some earth friendly ideas to help reduce your pet’s carbon paw print.


Dog Gone SmartPet Products

Thanks to new technological breakthroughs, you and your pet can help save the environment, while saving your pocketbook too. Ordinary pet beds and crate pads have to be replaced seasonally, an expense that can quickly add up and also wastes materials. Dog Gone Smart products to the rescue!


The secret behind these smart, stylish pet products – including everything from pet beds to pet jackets and leads – is their patented, award-winning fabric finish. Impregnated with Nanotechnology, these products work around the clock to repel the stains, dirt and grime that can build-up and shorten the life of even the most durable products. That’s because Dog Gone Smart’s unique fabric features microscopic hills and valleys to which water and coat oil can’t easily stick. Simultaneously, Dog Gone Smart Technology contains a bacteriostatic to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses and even “doggy” odors.


Not only do these pet products resist the wear and tear of everyday messes, but they last as much as 4 times longer than other pet products. And when they do need washing, they require less detergent, shorter cycles and dry in a fraction of the normal time – yet another eco-friendly benefit of Dog Gone Smart Technology. So these smart pet products allow for a cleaner, more sanitary and fresher smelling environment for you and your pet, while also doing something positive for the environment.


Dog Gone Smart just announced yet another green initiative. Starting this month, their ECO Line of pet beds will be filled with recycled bottle fill. Even the Dog Gone Smart website is designed with the environment in mind – it’s powered by 100% wind energy! No wonder the company recently won a coveted Green Spirit Award from Pet Age magazine, for their 100% biodegradable line of pet beds and crate pads. Dog Gone Smart’s GREEN Line uses all natural, organic materials – even down to the zipper, made from corn and other plant materials.


Imperial Cat® Scratch ‘n Shapes® & Snack ‘n Treat

Now your cat can have a scratchin’ good time without destroying your upholstery or the environment this Earth Day. Developed to satisfy a cat’s natural urge to scratch, Scratch ‘n Shapes are made from 100% post-consumer recyclable materials and are 100% biodegradable. Simulating the texture of tree bark or honeycomb, Fluffy will naturally want to dig her claws in. If that isn’t enticing enough, each scratcher comes with a bag of Certified Organic Catnip. And when it’s naptime, the shape’s sculpted curves are designed to cradle your cat in comfort.


With over 80 whimsical designs in the Scratch 'n Shapes line, ranging from love bugs to tigers to amphibians, there is a fun color and shape, no matter your style preference. Available in both standing and hanging varieties, Scratch ‘n Shapes are sure to please even the finickiest kitty. From scratching to playing, Scratch ‘n Shapes answer all your cat’s instincts in an environmentally sensitive way.


And what could be a better way to celebrate Earth Day than by treating your cat to something from the Snack ‘n Treat line? Imperial Cat offers this full line of natural, organically grown snacks for felines. After doing her part to protect the planet, no kitty can resist a lush, edible bed of oat grass or a pinch of Certified Organic Catnip.,


About Earth Day

Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement. More than one billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. To learn more, visit


About Dog Gone Smart

Dog Gone Smart is a global purveyor of innovative apparel and accessories for canines, felines and now equine. By applying proprietary Nanotechnology, the company has introduced an extensive line of award-winning products. The Nanotechnology is impregnated into the fabric without altering its texture and feel and produces a non-visible structured textile surface that coat oil, dirt and liquids cannot stick to. Residue can be rinsed off with water or machine washed. Plus, these revolutionary products feature a unique bacteriostatic finish that inhibits the major causes of companion animal odor. Dog Gone Smart NanotechnologyTM is PFOA and PFOS free of known carcinogens, and is “bluesign® approved,” conforming to the world's strictest environment, health and safety stipulations for textiles. For more information on these smart products visit


About Imperial Cat

For more than 25 years, Imperial Cat has manufactured high quality, eco-friendly and natural cat products developed to enhance the lives of cats and their owners. For more information, please visit, or contact Kristie Hamilton, Director of Sales, at 501-354-8466.