Meet FrostyBowlzr a Cool, New Bowl for Pets

Beat the heat this summer with this refreshing new product

San Clemente, CA – Meet Talega Products and their premier invention, FrostyBowlz! This one-of-a-kind pet necessity is cleverly designed to keep pets’ water refreshingly cold all day long, and is definitely going to be this summer’s coolest pet product on the market. The secret to this premium pet bowl is the FrostyCore™ technology (patent pending). Just pop the bowl’s center core in the freezer overnight and in the morning place it in the bowl to instantly upgrade your pets’ drinking experience all day long.


FrostyBowlz are made from durable, sanitary stainless steel, and are easy-to-clean since they’re dishwasher safe. Filled with a non-toxic freezable gel, the FrostyCore keeps the FrostyBowlz’s contents refreshingly cold all day long! Whether it’s for every day use or reserved for the dog days of summer, pets and their owners will love this premium-serving bowl. FrostyBowlz is also an excellent way to keep canned or perishable food cool and fresh – so dogs or cats that prefer to “graze” can enjoy fresher food, longer. FrostyBowlz even comes with a non-skid bottom tray to rest on. When filled with a little water, the tray acts as a reservoir to keep pesky ants away, making this bowl perfect for both kitchens and patios.


Founder of Talega Products, Jeff Brown, was originally inspired by his miniature poodle’s love for cool, fresh water. “My wife and I noticed that while we were away from home, Jäger, our dog, didn’t drink his water. But when we returned home and offered him cold water from the fridge he would lap it up,” comments Brown. Unable to find a high-quality product to meet their needs and keep Jäger’s water cool, they decided to make something themselves.


After more than two years researching and perfecting the design, Talega Products is proud to unveil FrostyBowlz. The product first debuted earlier this month at the Global Pet Expo, one of the pet industry’s largest annual trade shows, and was received with great excitement and even awarded Best in Show by BlogPawsTM. “The enthusiasm over the product’s overall concept and exceptional quality at Global seems to confirm that this product will be a summer staple,” comments Jeff Bown, President of Talega Products. “We can’t wait to get FrostyBowlz into pet people’s homes and keep even more pets happily refreshed.”


Shoppers can get the scoop on the bowl that serves pets better by visiting their website or finding them on Facebook.


Talega Products

Founded in early 2011, Talega Products remains committed to its mission to develop innovative, quality pet products while providing quality service. This March, the Talega Products team is proud to introduce their flagship product, FrostyBowlz.