The Smart Way to Spring Clean

Dog Gone Smart pet products redefine spring cleaning

Wilton, CT (April 2, 2012) – We all know the routine – out with the old and in with the new. But who said Spring Cleaning had to clean out your pocket book too? Thanks to Dog Gone SmartTM, pet parents can outsmart the ritual of replacing pet beds and crate pads seasonally, which can quickly outspend Fido’s budget.


The secret behind Dog Gone Smart pet products is their patented, award-winning fabric finish. Impregnated with Nanotechnology, these super smart products work around the clock to repel the stains, dirt and grime that can build-up and dull even the brightest, most durable products. Dog Gone Smart’s unique fabric features microscopic hills and valleys to which water and coat oil can’t easily stick. And because a healthy pet is a happy pet, Dog Gone Smart TechnologyTM simultaneously contains bacteriostatic to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses and even “doggy” odors. Dog Gone Smart products allow for a cleaner, more sanitary and fresher smelling living environment for everyone.


Not only do these pet products resist the wear and tear of everyday messes, but they last as much as 4 times longer than other pet products. When they do need washing, they require less detergent, shorter cycles and dry in a fraction of the time.


And for the unavoidable messes, look for the new Dirty Dog Doormat. This super absorbent mat addresses the other end of the spectrum and quickly soaks up mud and dirt before it’s tracked throughout the house. Using an Advanced Microfiber Technology, the Dirty Dog Doormat can absorb up to 7 times its weight in water and mud to help floors stay clean and dry. Designed to stay in place, the Dirty Dog Doormat features rubber treads that grip the floor to prevent it from sliding around on slippery surfaces. The Dirty Dog Doormat can also be machine washed and dried.


Available in a variety of sizes and colors, pet parents are sure to find the Dog Gone Smart pet beds, crate pads and Dirty Dog Doormats to fit their breed’s needs as well as their décor. And remember, don’t send Fido to the dog house when things get messy this spring, instead look into Dog Gone Smart pet products and keep everyone you love clean and under one woof.


About Dog Gone Smart

Dog Gone Smart is a global purveyor of innovative apparel and accessories for canines, felines and now equine. By applying proprietary Nanotechnology, the company has introduced an extensive line of award-winning products, from pet beds to pet jackets and leads. The Nanotechnology is impregnated into the fabric without altering its texture and feel and produces a non-visible structured textile surface that coat oil, dirt and liquids cannot stick to. Residue can be rinsed off with water or machine washed. Plus, these revolutionary products feature a unique bacteriostatic finish that inhibits the major causes of companion animal odor. Dog Gone Smart NanotechnologyTM is PFOA and PFOS free of known carcinogens, and is “bluesign® approved,” conforming to the world's strictest environment, health and safety stipulations for textiles.


Dog Gone Smart continues to introduce “smart” technology to the pet industry. Their newest line addition, the Dirty Dog Doormat, uses an Advanced Microfiber Technology to soak up water, mud and dirt!




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