AEG Power Solutions Hires Full-service Marketing Firm M/C/C to Bolster North American Presence

Dallas agency to handle North American marketing activities

AEG Power Solutions stands for superiority in performance and German engineering throughout the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets; however, its brand isn't quite so well known in the North American market. That's why the Germany-based company known for excellence in performance outside North America contracted the full-service marketing firm known for excellence in performance across the Atlantic. Dallas-based M/C/C will head up AEG Power Solutions' North American marketing efforts including advertising, marketing, public relations and comprehensive customer research.

"When we decided to focus on the North American market as AEG Power Solutions, we realized there was going to be quite a challenge in getting our brand out there and ensuring that people understand who we are with our long history of providing the most efficient and reliable power solutions throughout the globe. We also were looking to enter the renewable energies market at the same time, which offered its own set of complications and challenges to our entry," said Kaivon Mortazavi, vice president of North America for AEG Power Solutions. "M/C/C demonstrated that not only were they fully capable of truly understanding our technology and what makes our customized solutions so unique and sought after in the industry, but that they could clearly and effectively convey that understanding to the North American market just as we've successfully communicated to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets for decades."

M/C/C will help AEG Power Solutions ( market its traditional portfolio such as customized universal power controllers and power supplies as well as its renewable energy solutions throughout the North American market. M/C/C will leverage all of its capabilities to help ensure AEG's success in the North American region such as wide-scale creative services including branding, advertising and marketing as well as a comprehensive public relations program and industry and brand research.

"AEG Power Solutions has spent the last 60 years providing the world with the most efficient and reliable customized solutions. They are truly the global leader in their industry," said Mike Crawford, president of M/C/C. "Unfortunately, the North American market hasn't had the opportunity to experience AEG's remarkable solutions - until now. We're looking forward to combining AEG Power Solutions' German precision and efficiency with M/C/C's marketing communications strengths."

Started in 1887, AEG established itself as a global leader in innovation and design for the electrical engineering community. The company has had a varied and vast history that includes such achievements as creation of the world's first corporate identity, transportable drilling machine and fully electronic oven. The company also is known for its appointment of one of the world's first industrial designer. Former power systems division of the historical AEG group, AEG Power Solutions is now a leading power solutions provider, after it has merged with Saft Power Systems and Harmer&Simmons. AEG Power Solutions continues its lineage of innovation through the development and implementation of its customized power solutions which are regarded as some of the most efficient and reliable solutions in the traditional power and renewable energy markets today.

M/C/C has helped technology companies like AEG Power Solutions - from startups to global industry leaders - and companies operating in industries such as retail, energy, finance, security or entertainment successfully deliver their messages in the evolving media industry. In recent years, the agency has strengthened client brands through traditional methods, including global advertising campaigns, public relations and message development, as well as emerging online methods like search engine optimization (SEO), Web site development and social media. M/C/C keeps a finger on the pulse of new media and uses that knowledge and experience to increase the client's presence in their respective industry.