FairLease Selects M/C/C to Elevate Itself in the Auto Market

Dallas-based auto leasing provider FairLease has long been known for providing quality customer service and a transparent experience unlike any other traditional vehicle dealership. It's no surprise that, as the company decided it was time for an agency to support its marketing efforts, it chose one that understands what it means to be one-of-a-kind in an industry and lives that out on a daily basis. FairLease chose M/C/C to help market its distinctive service, which is marked by a genuine commitment to its customers.

"Our customers love us because we do things differently by educating and helping them through the car buying process," said Eric Pointer, president and CEO of FairLease. "That's exactly why we chose M/C/C. They think outside the box and are committed to educating us on exactly what will benefit our company. We're confident this will take FairLease's marketing program to the next level."

The full-service agency is in the process of rebranding FairLease and will handle the company's marketing efforts, including research, creative development, branding, media placement, public relations, social media and search engine optimization. For 25 years, M/C/C has provided a full spectrum of advertising and public relations planning and execution to businesses ranging from start-ups to industry leaders and is known for its partnerships with particularly unique and innovative clients.

"FairLease eliminates the stigma of the old-fashioned car salesman, and that's a story we are eager to tell," said Mike Crawford, president of M/C/C. "The company is a very welcome surprise in a market saturated with small-print auto dealerships and leasing providers."

M/C/C offers expertise and services in a variety of marketing communications components, including public relations, media placement, graphic and interactive design, Internet and search engine marketing, social media, advertising, video production and research. In addition, the company provides consulting and planning of marketing efforts designed to bring clients to the forefront of their industries and executed through the most efficient, effective avenues available.