Full-service Marketing Firm M/C/C Becomes Advertising Agency of Record for Texas Instruments

Dallas agency to handle TI's media management strategy

With its strong understanding of the technology landscape, full-service marketing firm M/C/C has been chosen as the advertising agency of record for Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), a global semiconductor company. The Dallas-based companies partnered to strengthen TI's global media management and audience-engagement activities. M/C/C, which specializes in marketing, advertising, public relations, Internet marketing and social media, will lead strategy, planning and execution for TI's North American and European ad media strategies.

M/C/C will help TI continue to integrate its advertising and messaging from traditional print publications with the full benefits of online media. M/C/C will use its online expertise to help TI track responses and conversions from advertising as well as engage customers through emerging and established Internet channels.

"Texas Instruments needed a well-versed media management partner with a proven method who wasn't afraid of the unknown. As an independent agency, M/C/C is structured to stay on the forefront of marketing strategy instead of living in the past, which blends perfectly with TI's new marketing direction," said Mike Crawford, M/C/C's president and founder. "M/C/C has played the spectator role in watching TI semiconductors lay the groundwork for the future of electronics. Today, we're thrilled to be in the passenger's seat."

Few companies can match the record of innovations from the inventive minds at Texas Instruments. TI, a Fortune 500 corporation, designs and manufactures semiconductors including analog ICs, digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers (MCUs). TI has long been a leader in semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and applications processing. TI technologies help businesses deliver consumer and industrial electronics products with greater performance, increased power efficiency, higher precision, more mobility and better quality.

M/C/C has helped technology companies like TI - from startups to global industry leaders - and companies operating in industries such as retail, energy, finance, security or entertainment successfully deliver their messages in the evolving media industry. In recent years, the agency has strengthened client brands through traditional methods, including global advertising campaigns, public relations and message development, as well as emerging online methods like search engine optimization (SEO), Web site development and social media. M/C/C keeps a finger on the pulse of new media and uses that knowledge and experience to increase the client's presence in their respective industry.

"M/C/C is stocked with seasoned media experts who know the proper vehicles and channels for sharing our clients' messages with the right audience," Crawford said. "Through decades of experience working with movers and shakers in the technology, energy and retail industries, we've challenged ourselves to perform at the highest level in every function of the agency. That's full-service marketing at its finest. That's M/C/C."