M/C/C and Chuck E. Cheese's Let Customers Relive the Fun through Social Media

Full-service marketing firm to bring children's entertainment leader online through social media program

Known as the place "Where a Kid Can Be a Kid," Chuck E. Cheese's has an enormous opportunity to make its voice known in digital media. The nationally recognized leader in family dining and entertainment was looking for a way to take advantage of this and reach a new generation of parents across the world. In addition, Chuck E. Cheese's wanted to connect with its existing customers and spread the word about the positive impact the company continues to have on millions of children and families across the world. To bring its global brand and customer interaction to online communities, Chuck E. Cheese's chose Dallas-based marketing agency M/C/C to cook up some brand new ideas for its social media presence.

As its primary objective, M/C/C will give Chuck E. Cheese's a clear, defined voice to create a two-way communication system in the social media sphere for the company and its current and potential guests. The Dallas-based agency plans to use its expertise in digital media and media relations to create a strong social media program that incorporates customer messaging and engagement across a wide spectrum of outlets and communication vehicles. To help Chuck E. Cheese's better interact and engage with families, M/C/C will also implement a national blogger relations program.

"Initially, we were cautious about entering the social media realm. It was clear we needed someone who truly grasped the message we wanted to communicate to our guests and understood how social media integrates with our other marketing programs," said Richard Huston, executive vice president of Marketing for Chuck E. Cheese's. "M/C/C surpassed our expectations and made us feel comfortable about this new direction as a whole. Now, we're very excited to start finding new ways to connect with our audience and share the news about what's happening all the time at Chuck E. Cheese's."

M/C/C plans to create a platform for Chuck E. Cheese's that is tailored to the unique needs of the entertainment giant. To further promote Chuck E. Cheese's voice throughout online media, M/C/C will leverage the voice of Chuck E. Cheese's' fans and guests through blogs and social media outlets to enhance its online presence and bring balance to the online perception of the company. When developing these campaigns, M/C/C ensures that the marketing principles of the client are maintained. As an expert in building social media presence from the ground up, M/C/C is confident that the new campaign will help increase awareness and strengthen the relationships between Chuck E. Cheese's and its guests.

"We couldn't be more excited to partner with Chuck E. Cheese's and bring the unparalleled fun and exhilaration each guest experiences in its restaurants to the digital world. They've got a great story to tell and some truly remarkable fans who aren't shy about saying how much they love sharing Chuck E. Cheese's with their children," said Mike Crawford, president of M/C/C. "Keeping an open communication channel between Chuck E. Cheese's and its guests is critical, and M/C/C has always been at the top of the game when it comes to embracing and expanding these relationships."

M/C/C has helped a variety of companies from startups to global industry leaders operating in a diverse assortment of industries including retail, energy, finance, technology and security successfully deliver their messages through evolving communications methods such as social media. In recent years, the agency has strengthened client brands through an integrated approach that combines traditional marketing efforts with digital strategies to ensure a comprehensive, yet targeted, successful marketing program. M/C/C keeps a finger on the pulse of a new media and uses that knowledge and experience to increase each client's presence and perception in its respective industry.