Crowdsourcing Helps Achieve Goals and Develop New Innovations

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crowdsourcing is a basic primer on crowdsourcing

If two heads are better than one, then imagine how great 200 or 2,000 or more could be for helping you get something done. That's the potential power of crowdsourcing-tapping into the global talent pool and using an "open source" approach to bringing in more people to participate together to reach a common goal. Crowdsourcing leverages today's Internet technology to get work done, obtain input, and stimulate action.

The Complete Idiot's Guider to Crowdsourcing explains the theory and practice of crowdsourcing including:

  • All the tools you'll need to begin crowdsourcing
  • How to define your goals and target different crowds
  • How to design the best project or campaign to share
  • How to organize and analyze the input you receive from the crowd to get results
  • How to apply the crowd's output directly to your business

    The book includes information about dozens of crowdsourcing companies, service providers, platforms and tools to facilitate the process of tapping into online crowds in an organized, trackable and measurable way. Crowdsourcing is being used from everything from logo and website design to site and application beta testing to product research and innovation to community improvements.

    Author Aliza Sherman is also embarking on a West Coast book tour including the following dates:

    8/3 Wed - San Diego - Book launch party with The Daily Crowdsource

    8/4 Thu - San Diego - Book signing at Women Create Media conference on USC campus

    8/7 Sun - Orange County - Book launch party (private home)

    8/9 Tue - Los Angeles - Book launch party with Tongal

    8/10 Wed - San Francisco - Book launch party with Crowdflower

    8/12 Fri - Napa - Book launch party (details TBA)

    About the Author
    Aliza Sherman (Tok, Alaska) is a web pioneer and social media innovator. She cofounded Conversify, an early social media marketing agency, and founded Cybergrrl, Inc., one of the first full-service Internet agencies in the '90s. Aliza provides forward-thinking commentary on technology and its impact on communications, marketing, and customer relations. She is an international speaker, and author of The Everything Blogging Book, Streetwise Ecommerce, and PowerTools for Women in Business. Her ninth book, Mom, Incorporated, will be released October 2011.

    The Complete Idiot's Guider to Crowdsourcing
    ISBN: 9781615640928, July 2011, $19.95
    Author: Aliza Sherman (Tok, Ala.)