Merchant Resources International Celebrate 200 Facebook Group Members

MRi's facebook gruop for small business owners has 200 members!

MRI is proud to announce that its first Facebook group, "I am a Business Owner," has reached 200 members.

In December 2009, Merchant Resources International opened its arms to more than 400 million active Facebook users, creating a group dedicated to the millions of small business owners in the United States and Canada.

"We already provide an excellent funding option for the myriad small business owners who don't qualify for bank loans during this tough lending environment, but we wanted to take it a step further with our Facebook presence," said Farzin Fazeli, CEO of Merchant Resources International. "Our `I am a Business Owner' group provides a platform for small business owners to network, ask and answer questions and read about the things that are important to them."

Every day, the group is updated with the latest blog post(s) from , a blog that offers small business advice, news and helpful information about the merchant cash advance that cannot be found anywhere else. Group members get first access to the posts on this blog as well as immediate notification of the various contests and giveaways that Merchant Resources International initiates.
"We're ecstatic about inducting 200 small business owners into our Facebook group and we look forward to the next 200 members," said Fazeli.

To request membership in Merchant Resources International's "I am a Business Owner" group, click here

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