Merchant Resources International Prepares for Earth Day

Small business owners can use merchant cash advances to go green.

As Earth Day approaches, Merchant Resources International would like to take the time out to recognize the beauty of our earth and the significance of protecting it. Though Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, MRI understands the importance of caring for the earth every day of the year.

Merchant Cash Advances for a Better Planet

MRI works with small business owners on a daily basis to provide them with business funds, especially when they are unable to qualify for traditional bank loans. There are no restrictions how merchants can use the funds they receive through their merchant cash advances. Therefore, small business owners are free to use the cash to expand their businesses, renovate, purchase advertising, buy inventory, repair equipment, etc.

Many small business owners are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints and learning the benefits of "going green." For this reason, they are looking to secure a merchant cash advance to finance an eco-friendly renovation for their business. Such a renovation can include installing energy-efficient light bulbs, encouraging customers and employees to recycle and sending emails instead of letters.


Merchant Resources International has produced various blogs informing small business owners of the benefits and steps to take to "go green." Small business owners who are interested in learning more about making their businesses more environmentally friendly can read the following articles:

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About Merchant Resources International

Merchant Resources International has been providing merchant cash advances to small business owners, including franchisees, in the United States and in Canada since 2003. The company is represented by the Better Business Bureau and has an approval rate of over 90%.

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