How can multinational firms ensure their compliance messages are heard?

How can multinational firms ensure their compliance messages are heard?


We work in an increasingly regulated business environment, with companies under pressure to demonstrate that they are doing all they can to reduce risk. In light of this, global businesses need to ensure that their compliance messages are heard by their entire international workforce – while minimizing cost and workload.


Risk management was once optional for many businesses, but as the recent economic turmoil demonstrated, this is not sustainable and we now live in a very different world when it comes to corporate compliance and regulation. Risk management is now compulsory and legislation such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and the UK Bribery Act is in place to make sure businesses take all precautions to limit their exposure to a range of business risks.


International companies are now faced with the challenge of establishing their own compliance guidelines. These include information on everything from identifying corrupt practices, anti-discrimination policies and email use and record keeping.


However, this is just the first step. Once these compliance guidelines are created, they need to be communicated to an international workforce. This is where e-learning and e-learning translation comes in.


Providing e-learning programs for staff can be among the most effective ways to communicate compliance policies and ensure they are understood. E-learning allows a company to engage staff, rather than simply provide a one-way ‘lecture’ on a topic that can quickly become tiresome for employees.


E-learning will also ensure a consistent approach is taken and can provide context for compliance issues as well as offering challenges to employees through the use of examples and well-structured problem-solving questions.


To provide an engaging way to communicate corporate policy, e-learning offers a more vital service – a substantiation that a company is implementing programs to educate staff on how to protect themselves and the company from risks and liabilities.


However, this proof of intent is only truly demonstrable if e-learning is available to each and every staff member, regardless of language spoken or location. Companies that intend on communicating their compliance policies to all staff need to work with a qualified e-learning translation provider. A qualified e-learning language service provider (LSP) can help companies provide content-rich e-learning solutions in a wide variety of languages, with culturally-specific and appropriate contexts. For multi-national companies, a multilingual e-learning approach is vital and working with a company that uses native speakers from any target country can provide unique linguistic and cultural insights that will help their e-learning solutions perform as an effective tool in their risk management strategy.


Merrill Brink offers multilingual e-learning translation services that help to assess compliance documents down to the core material that need translating in order to complete the work in time and within budget. They offer a service that will modify, translate and localize any training materials in a variety of formats, including web-based courses, multimedia applications, class-based instructional documents and certification and assessment programs.


By working with a provider that uses a range of tried and tested scoping techniques, translation processes and localization expertise, international organizations can create localized and appropriate e-learning material for their entire workforce.


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