MFHA Fact Sheet

Headquartered in Providence, R.I., The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) is the premier multicultural training and advocacy organization in the U.S. in the food and hospitality industry. The 15 year-old organization educates, advocates for, and connects its members to help them effectively engage multicultural employees, customers, and communities. MFHA frequently delivers events and workshops focused on professional development, cultural intelligence building, and networking.

Address: 1144 Narragansett Boulevard, Providence, RI 02905

Telephone: 401.461.6342

Fax: 401.461.9004



Incorporated: April 1997

Founder: Gerald A. Fernandez, President

Premier Sponsors: The Coca-Cola Company, Nation’s Restaurant News

Corporate Members: 64

Membership: Student: Free; Educator: Free; Association: $25/year; Government: $25/year; Individual: $75/year; Corporate: $950 - $100,000/year


EVENTS & PROGRAMS                  

Cultural Intelligence (CI) Initiative:

Launched in March 2011, the Cultural Intelligence workshops and seminars offer a transformational way to view cultural differences in this increasingly global and multicultural market. The goal of the CI Initiative is to help MFHA members improve team results among multicultural groups, drive positive employee engagement scores, and gain wider access to emerging, multicultural markets.

Diversity Network Professional Development Workshops:

To share MFHA’s knowledge and extend its reach, the Diversity Networks identify regional, multicultural, and diversity-related issues. MFHA is able to deliver Professional Development and Career Acceleration Workshops regularly through its Diversity Networks.

Showcase of the Stars™:

Showcase of the Stars™ is a live, interactive career exploration event that promotes careers in the food and hospitality industry. The primary audience for Showcase of the Stars™ is minority high school and college students. Showcase of the Stars™ is executed in a panel format featuring professionals who represent different segments of the food and hospitality industry.



Publications: Report to the Community, Diverse Career Annual & Resource Guide, Fast Facts Series: Workforce/Customers/Suppliers/Community

Products: MFHA's QuickVue© English to Spanish Workplace Language Guides for Restaurant and Hotel Management, Diverse Executive Development Guide, Multicultural Marketing Guide Series, OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Program



The MFHA website serves as a comprehensive platform to communicate the mission and value of the MFHA brand; showcase its distinctive members; provide information about MFHA programs, events, and services; and offer multicultural resources to members.

Launched in October 2011, is a digital, multicultural handbook for students and young professionals. Each free online publication offers insights; career and personal development guidance; information about scholarships, internships, and industry lingo; and much more. The interactive publication contains videos, polls, contests, and surveys to engage its audience. (WN4ME) is a web-based, career exploration and information site. The site features over two hundred profiles of professionals from all industry segments and work disciplines. WN4ME provides insights about the different industry segments and organizations. The site has a job search function to help students pursue opportunities within the industry.

Multicultural Resource Bank:

The Multicultural Resource Bank offers an extensive variety of articles, periodicals, research studies, white papers, useful links, diversity data, and other valuable multicultural resources to its members.

MFHA News Clips & Alerts:

Downloadable News Clips of current news, trends, and gatherings from culturally-focused publications, newsletters, websites, and other sources are made available on the MFHA website. Delivered directly to members’ inboxes, MFHA News Alerts inform with breaking news, top headlines, and popular stories.

Online Community:

MFHA’s Online Community encourages industry professionals to network with other diversity champions and express their opinions in reviews, debates, and live discussions. MFHA has established online presence on the following social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.