The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) has a long record of successfully educating, advocating for and connecting its members to effectively engage with multicultural employees, customers and communities. MFHA’s goals are to promote the opportunities that this industry offers and to help individuals from all backgrounds discover and reach their full potential. Here are just a few of the many supporters and advocates who have thanked MFHA.

“MFHA’s Cultural Intelligence events will assist you in becoming a more relevant leader to increasing diverse leadership teams.”
Tony Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer
Morrison Management Specialists

“I highly recommend MFHA’s Cultural Intelligence workshops. It is a business-must to effectively engage talent and customers in order to achieve growth goals.”
Arie Ball
Vice President, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

“One of my joys was the “Straight talk” that we had today from both of our speakers [at the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees]...This kind of day really takes us along the way to better understanding how we can encourage and support people as they develop their careers at our company.”
Scott O. Bergren
Chief Executive Officer, Pizza Hut U.S. and Yum! Innovations
Yum! Brands, Inc.

“This event [about the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees] really does take the diversity and inclusion journey to the next stage and that is Cultural Intelligence. And that is learning and being able to communicate with one another so that we can create that great workplace.”
Deborah Jackson
Sr. Manager, Industry Relations
PepsiCo Foodservice

“It’s a phenomenal experience for me! I’m not in the hospitality industry, but the things we are learning [at the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees] are certainly things we can share across industries and across organizations.”
Reggie Farrar
Sr. Manager, Human Resources
Express Scripts

“I really enjoyed the sessions [at the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees] and I must commend you and the MFHA team on a job well done. It is rare that we see such honesty and applicability in these kinds of gathering!”
Emma Dawson, Ph.D.

“Today’s event [about the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees] has been amazing. At the end of the day, our folks’ minds are blown with the amount of information and awareness that occurred in the room especially with the great cross-section of people from educators to other restaurants to other companies and to here at Yum! Just outstanding.”
James Fripp
Sr. Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Yum! Brands, Inc.

“Today’s event [the Cultural Intelligence event: Effectively Engaging Multicultural Employees] was awesome. I think it opened up a lot of conversation… If we understand each other, we can truly begin to make some changes.”
Nicole Neumann
HR Director, Field HR & Training
Denny’s, Inc.

“It was a real eye opener this morning [about Cultural Intelligence event: The LGBT Opportunity]… I think it's one that couldn't be ignored and needs to be addressed, and again, I really applaud MFHA for doing it.”
Douglas Allison
Vice President, Corporate Development & Diversity
PepsiCo Foodservice

“Many people in our industry are gay and lesbian, but they're afraid to come out… It [the Cultural Intelligence event: The LGBT Opportunity] starts the conversation and the dialogue.”
Rodney Morris
Chief People Officer
Romano's Macaroni Grill

“It was a very rewarding experience [about Showcase of the Stars™]… Besides giving back to students about my career path, it also expanded my foodservice network… I would enjoy participating again!”
Cyndi Brodt
Market Manager
General Mills Foodservice

“We continue to be both impressed with the caliber of students at these events [about Showcase of the Stars™], as well as the opportunity for Sodexo to brand our commitment to diversity. Thanks to MFHA for giving us a platform to do so.”
Mike Grey
Vice President, Operations
Sodexo School Services

“The INclusion INmotion student newsletter is a great enhancement to the Showcase of the Stars™ program. This type of information is simply not available for students in Culinary Arts and Hospitality. And as a Dominican, I rarely see anything written for me, as a person of color.”
Nelson Pimentel
President, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)
Johnson & Wales University

“Simply put, this is a very impressive organization, and I was glad to be able to represent Hyatt... The most important objective of the MFHA “networking” [about Showcase of the Stars™ Special Edition, 2010] was that it was delivered with quality. The students and the MFHA leaders represented well, and their energy and enthusiasm were inspiring.”
Nilesh Pandey
Front Office Manager
Hyatt Regency Chicago

“Seeing how energized the students are [at Showcase of the Stars™] after hearing from industry professionals underscores the need for industry collaboration events like this.”
Dr. Deanna Williams
Associate Professor/Chair, Hospitality Management Department
Virginia State University

“I truly felt a connection to the material and on a very personal level [about Showcase of the Stars™]. I enjoyed each of the excellent presenters, and kudos to those who selected them to present together... It will better help me to understand my students, better help them to understand each other and ultimately provide an opportunity for them to be much more perceptive and successful business leaders.”
William Weber
Associate Professor, The Hospitality College
Johnson & Wales University

“Programs like these [about Showcase of the Stars™] should be done on a regular basis to keep our future leaders engaged and focused on their career goals. It was very inspirational for me, and I’m sure anyone would be interested to contribute to the overall success of our youth.”
Sales Manager
Renaissance Providence Hotel


The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)
Fifteen years ago, MFHA was established to act as a catalyst for change in workforce diversity. MFHA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the food and hospitality industry that educates, advocates for, and connects its members with opportunities to build their cultural intelligence in order to effectively engage multicultural employees, customers, and communities. For more information, visit