New Website Simplifies Furniture Shopping for Lansing Residents Engages and Inspires Online Shoppers with Highly Visual Shopping Experience, Promotions, Room Planning Tools, and More

Lansing, MI, - Lansing Furniture, a leading home furniture retailer serving the Lansing region, has launched an innovative new website designed to help consumers save time, reduce travel, and eliminate the guesswork traditionally associated with the furniture shopping experience.

The new website features visually stunning displays and detailed specifications of all available furniture items as well as a list of current promotions, clearance items, and financing and delivery options. A special room planning tool enables online shoppers to drag and drop furniture and structural items into a visual representation of their own room to ensure the look and fit of the room even before they visit the company's showroom to finalize their purchase. shoppers can quickly locate and compare living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, and home office furniture, home appliances and accessories by searching and filtering by product type, style, materials, finish, brand, and other characteristics. Complete product descriptions and specifications are provided with each item along with a display of related furniture pieces. The full-featured website also allows visitors to request a price quote, directly email the store, save items to their own "favorites" folder, print and share items via email with their family and friends. The new site was designed and developed in conjunction with online furniture merchandising specialists MicroD Incorporated.

About Lansing Furniture

Lansing Furniture started in 1994, in the basement of a home with 3 to 4 sofas and a few chairs, tables, and bedroom sets. For warehouse space they used a garage and delivered furniture in a trailer and minivan.

After 6 months the family decided to build a new store to have the ability to add to their staff, carry a larger selection, obtain better pricing, and have the owner's garage back! But soon everything was again bursting at the seams with furniture and you guessed it, the garage was again full of furniture. So they added another section onto the store, doubling the size of the showroom and three times the warehouse space, this would be enough space for sure. OOPS!!! Two years later, they again found furniture filling the warehouse and of course when all was full the garage absorbed the overflow.

So, another addition was added to the showroom and twice as much warehouse space. Now with 4 employees, 11,000 square feet of showroom and 3000 square feet of warehouse, a delivery truck, and a garage, what more could they ever need? Well, how about a loading dock, 3 more employees, 3000 square feet of showroom, 10,000 square feet of warehouse, and did we forget to mention another delivery truck? As time progressed, 4 years later, the manufacturers were requiring Lansing to buy more furniture to get the best price and have all the selection of fabrics available. And they were running out of room both in the warehouse and showroom, every so often that home garage became full of furniture after several semi loads would come in on the same day.

So they added their current showroom, which is the size of a football field!! Along with Lansing's Clearance Center's 11,000 square feet of showroom and about 12,000 square feet of warehouse, 4 delivery trucks, and 20 employees. It has been great fun over the years, what is to come who knows, someday the owner may come home to a garage full of furniture again, then it may be time to add on again!!!!

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