Director/DP Mark Williams Returns To Mirror Films' Diverse Roster Of Talent

Director/DP Mark Williams has returned to Mirror Films, and re-joined the company’s diverse roster of directorial talent. Williams was welcomed back to Mirror by Owner/Executive Producer Eric Barrett.

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“I am proud to be working with Director/DP Mark Williams again,” says Barrett. “We've been friends for quite some time and collaborated together a few years ago when he was part of the company. Of course, Mark has grown as a talent and we have as a company, so we decided to join forces again. His cinematography is second to none. He is a great visual artist who works seamlessly with talent, including celebrities. I've seen him in very tense agency-client situations where things are changing on the fly, which didn't phase him a bit. I'm extremely excited to be working with him again.”

For Director/DP Williams, the return to Mirror means more personal attention for himself and his career, but also for his agency client relationships. “I have a great working relationship with EB, and together, we can make things happen,” he explains. “It’s a smaller, intimate environment at Mirror, where you feel like your career is being given the focus that it needs and deserves. That is the way that I like to work with my agency clients as well.”

Bio: Director Mark Williams

Mark is among the most well traveled Director/DP’s in the business, having traveled the world for such global clients as Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Chevron, and many others.  He has acquired invaluable experience shooting in varied global and geographically and logistically challenging locations. With the exception of Antarctica, he has filmed on every continent, and over 45 countries. Asia rates high among his favorite places to work, a love of the varied cultures, cities and geography provides him with an unlimited wealth of opportunities for filming and exploring.  Mark recently wrapped “Eastbound & Down” for HBO. He is well-known for his easy-going style and ability to work in the most challenging locations and environments, including while skiing, surfing, diving, kite-surfing and mountain climbing, as well as aerial work from helicopters. Though, it must be noted Mark has no aversion to working on stage or more conventional locations. Everybody needs a break once and a while. Mark resides in Manhattan Beach, California.

About Mirror Films:

Mirror Films is a creative collective of award-winning film directors, each bringing a unique sensibility to the screen. The distinctive and memorable work that Mirror Films produces is reflected in repeated commercial campaigns for top brands such as Anheuser Busch, Dove, Toyota, Target and Sony. Mirror Films’ directors are well versed in the integrated media landscape, with a portfolio of work that extends into digital entertainment and new media. Mirror is a streamlined and efficient production company -- small enough to brainstorm one-on-one, yet large enough to tap global resources.