MMR Group, NOIDA In Pursuit of Ethical Business Practices

MMR Group

As India marches into the 21st century, the concerns of ethical business practices are taking centre place. The much-anticipated downslide of affluent economies around the world has fuelled the desire of many to take advantage of the evolving scenario and make money by any means.

There is however, no reason to worry since the Indian psychology of conducting business is based on deeper values, which cannot be shaken by trifling conflict of interests. Based on personal interviews of a few experienced professionals of MMR Group NOIDA, we have gathered valuable insights into working of the Indian Infrastructure industry.

According to the views of the employees of MMR Group NOIDA, there is a lack of compatibility in the Indian way of doing business from what is in western countries. At the core of western businesses is the zeal to make money, in contrast, favours and trusts plays a pivotal role in Indian business deals. However, matters become muddled when international business borders are crossed.

When western customers cry foul over unethical business practices of the east, there is much more than what meets the eye. There have been cases when real estate companies were involved in cases of misunderstood intents. As MMR Group professionals pointed out, these days infrastructure development firms have an in-house expert on international rules and regulations to avoid costly miscommunications. According to sources, Mr. Mohit Singh Raghav, Vice Chairman MMR Group NOIDA is the expert on international best practices.