Apple iPhone 4 deals-outdated but still the favorite

Apple iPhone 4 is a smartphone that carries the tag of being the most popular smartphone in the whole line up, however we are still not prep

The Apple iPhone 4 is surely an obsolete handset, however a recent event made me believe that I am so lucky to have this mobile phone in my pocket. Actually, I was sitting in the nearby eatery biting on my daily dose of junk food. Well, if you please ignore my unhealthy eating habits, we can focus on the phone. The moment I took out my handset every eye glued to the device, and this attention make me realize that the Cupertino-based mobile phone manufacturer is the one calling the shots here. 

Anyway, took no time in sliding the device back the pocket in my pocket. This astonishing device tries to pack more pixels in a small screen, and these pixels can’t be witnessed with the naked eye. When I tried my eyes got defocused and the handset was very close to my eye. This handset is the reason why Apple iPhone owners are so proud, and they are not seeing yellow and white dots. Here images and text appear to be crisp, however user interface requires to be upgraded, such as having 5 emails simultaneously visible is not right. Even when Apple iPhone 5 is about to come, Apple iPhone 4 deals are what you need to buy, however don’t get too excited.

I am still chewing my ice cream cake, and trying to read some tiny text.  Everything was so clear and pure, however while eating my food it is difficult to make any final conclusion on the display quality. One more thing that baffled me is the increasing number of users opting for the cases for the device, if this handset needed any case it would ship with one. Apple iPhone 4 deals are available in three major categories, such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals, so buy it before it becomes outdated.