HTC One S deals-HTC greatest device despite a dual-core CPU

HTC One S is the latest smartphone in the market, and we will not like to compare this device with the iPhone series as those devices run on

HTC One S arrives in ultra sleek lay out, low-reflective display & a mighty snapper, however there is more to this device than the HTC name on it. This device is the proof that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has decided to focus more on the quality front than the quantity. This handset comes with a decent 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, and it is quite awkward calling such a huge screen size small but that is how the situation is in the mobile phone market is. Anyway, if you are content with this screen size then let’s move on to other specifications, however if you are not glad seeing this specs list don’t bother to read more.

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If you are reading this paragraph, it means that you are the less-demanding type and this high-end smartphone is the best option for you.  A decent 8 MP snapper with auto focus and LED flash is present to satiate your photography urges, however don’t think that now you can click images like a professional photographer. Interestingly, this mid-range handset comes with 720p video-recording capability, so this will certainly surprise many tech buffs.   

One more surprise – the great handset comes with the Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, therefore users are getting criticized that they bought a latest handset but not with the latest user interface.   Sadly, it comes only with a dual-core processor, and the time when the world has moved on to quad-core central processing unit it is very disturbing to see a high-end model with a dual-core processor only. HTC One S deals are offered in all three popular formats, such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals, so   it is time we believe that these mobile plans are the actual reasons behind the popularity of smartphones, however no one seems to be praising them.