HTC One S deals-Sleek and trendy device, although lacking the power of quad-core CPUs

HTC One S was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress few weeks ago, however the real test always happen in the battle ground of mobile phone

The HTC One S may be playing the role of assistant to the One X at the Mobile World Congress, however think twice before rejecting this handset right away. This warning is given for a genuine reason as the handset has successfully hit the quad-core buzzword, although many of you would argue that we don’t even need such high power, and we beg to differ.  This mesmerizing gizmo also flaunts the 8 MP snapper, which is perfect to satiate your urges of clicking photographs similar to a professional photographer, and the front-viewing VGA snapper is obviously present for making video calls and clicking self-portraits.   This handset can also play videos in the 1080p format, hence this device has a capability that is most desired by everyone these days looking to acquire a new handset, and we are not bluffing.

HTC Sensation Deals

Interestingly, the awesome device comes with the Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich just right out of the box, so we are totally safe from updating our handset to the latest version of the Android operating system, and we would like you to know that we totally hate waiting for an update to experience the charisma of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The mesmerizing handset comes with a realistic 4.3-inch touch screen, and we used the term” realistic” because in a recent survey it is stated that the tech-junkies community is more comfortable with the 4.5-inch screen size and this handset is extremely close to the ideal screen size as decided by the tech-lover community.

HTC One S deals are classified in three formats, such as contracts, pay as you go and SIM-free deals, however in the end we will still respect your decision. These amazing HTC One S deals are certain to eliminate every need for searching for excellence in the smartphone universe.