HTC One V deals-All Attention to Mid-range market?

HTC One V is the smartphone that has attracted tech buffs all over the world with its innovative features and appealing design, so is this t

HTC has decided it quite fancies a tad more of the designing praise it received for its erstwhile smartphone hit, hence has this company openly ripped the designing off to produce the low-end phone in its Mobile World Congress 2012 range?

On the outer side is the recognizable lip sticking out below the panel - the sharp, squared-off sketch – however the design has been upgraded for the contemporary smartphone world, with a sleeker body & a smooth surrounding to boot, and at first look it does appear great, and do you find it a little dated? Get the hands on this gizmo though & users will soon observe that the 3.7” touchscreen sticks out from the structure of the smartphone, and hence leave an ugly-lip that user’s thumbs will certainly find.

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This is extremely hard to get past it, to be truthful, and it appears similar to a rookie designing mistake, therefore the HTC One V appears actually unfinished & not at all in keeping with the more finest appearance & feel that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer appears to have been preferring for, and like its bigger, more spectacular HTC One cousins, the HTC One V arrives with Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the most recent variant of Sense user interface to boot, and this operating system is not in its beta stage. HTC ON V deals are available in all three major categories such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals, and with all major network operators such as Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, etc, and these affordable HTC One V deals are certain to make sure that you never look at the online world again.  These deals also offer many free gifts and incentives, which make sure that users extract the most out of their investment, and sadly these plans are even now in beta stage.