Motorola Motoluxe deals: Mid-range segment getting stronger?

Motorola Motoluxe is the entry-level smartphone which claims that it is the best-looking device in the smartphone marketplace, however is th

Motorola Motoluxe is the smartphone which does not have all those high-end attributes, still it got our attention, and we started our voyage to the local store asking for this stylish handset. The sales executive at the local store showed us the masterpiece, and the handset comes as a great-looking smartphone. The device owes a bit of its astounding appearance to the Motorola Defy, even though this device is not rugged, and it also has a few hints of the Motorola Milestone - the rear is a great solid-feeling metal plate & one time in position, discloses the grill for the outer speaker, and its small dimensions ensure that users can utilize the handset with one hand rather than two hands.

As the sales executive tried to push the device on us, and we don’t blame them for it as it’s just their job, we noticed that even though it’s sleek and small the display is quite sufficient. When we asked the executive about its screen size, then he disclosed the fact that its 4 inches screen is the main factor behind its success.  In addition, hitting the right notes is the 8 megapixel snapper at the rear of the device, which on paper obviously seems highly-competitive, even if the snapper experience is not anything to feel enthralled about, and when we clicked some pictures they looked great, even though we would like to say that it was because of proper lightning inside the store.

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The amazing smartphone works on Android v2.3.7 Gingerbread operating system, thus it is not the most recent edition of the search giant operating system, which sets the device off to a appalling start, as can be felt by the voice of the sales personnel. Like all Android phones in 2012, Motorola Motoluxe deals are available with all the service providers in the United Kingdom mobile phone market, and seems like the sales executive succeeded in selling us a device.