Nokia Lumia 800 deals-The ray of hope for Nokia ?

In the mysterious world of smartphones, there is only one handset that is unique and innovative simultaneously, however even this handset is

The word “Lumia” means light but has this world imply the illumination of great revenue for the Finnish mobile manufacturer? Well, to be truthful with you, the series so far has gathered a lot of attention for them, and this is actually better than high sales. Consumers will not adopt a new operating system so easily, and here in the Lumia 800 the high price is sufficient to deter them from purchasing one this year. Anyway, the handset has been offered labeled as the first true Windows Phone, however the way we see it it’s actually the sign of Nokia’s failure to crop up an operating system of their own.  May be we are pessimist but we can’t help it. On the other hand, they are suffering because of their big ego which deterred them from combining with Android.

Nokia lumia 710 contract

Anyway, we will complain the big ego of these technology companies some other time but at the moment the most important thing is to discuss the Nokia Lumia 800. See, sans the LTE support this handset is truly a great attempt, and many users in developing nations still prefer the trust and durability of Nokia’s products.  If you have the money needed to purchase an expensive communication tool like this, do it only for the sake of the new tile-based Windows Phone Mango operating system.

This astonishing handset comes with the mighty 8 MP snapper, which is perfect to click images like a professional photographer. We have always been fascinated with the Geo-tagging feature, however user preferences may tend to differ.  Nokia Lumia 800 deals are available in all three formats, such as contract , pay as you go and SIM free, and these mobile plans eliminate every need for searching fro brilliance in the smartphone market across the amazing world.