Sony Ericsson Xperia Active deals-Perfect companion for your active lifestyle ?

Sony Ericsson Active is the perfect handset for consumers who are searching for a companion in their highly-active life and can survive all

Everyone in today’s fitness freak time will argue on the statement that staying in shape is extremely crucial, therefore many mobile phone manufacturers are eager to churn out handsets which can appeal to such tech buffs. Sony Xperia Active is one such handset that is made for individuals who love staying active and want a smartphone which can accompany them to their trips on mountains, cycling, running or anything else, however we don’t have such an active life.

The Xperia Active is sleek and quite tiny handset, even smaller than any usual credit card, and in the box the telecommunication giant has provided an armband whenever you are jogging. This small convenience can matter a lot to some users, who have lost their handsets while jogging. The rear panel is available in two colors –white and black with some limited edition variations as well, and both of these rear panels were present in the box that we reviewed.

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As per the operating system is concerned, this mesmerizing device comes with a tweaked version of the Android, which is necessary in such a small screen to make the user interface appear convincing enough, and this operating system has our faith. Sony Ericsson has included some “hot corners”, which comprises of shortcuts to some apps, and the apps tray comes with slightly customized interface,  so the is company looking for some uniqueness?

The five MP snapper is a sweet surprise, allowing users to click beautiful and crisp pictures of their precious moments and store them in the handset’s memory safely, however tweaking some pictures will make them appear more appealing. Xperia Active deals are classified in three major categories, such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals, and do you think after breaking with Ericsson they will survive in the market?